Success Stories

Sara can still enjoy tacos with the rest of the family!

Published 7 January, 2019

Sara, Lost 1st 8lb*

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Sara lost weight on WW Freestyle™.


A year ago, Sara had her second child and did not feel like she was in the best shape. Now, as a participant in the WW Sweden initiative #mammapeppen, she inspires other mums to get started with their health journeys.

In Sara’s words:

It was a perfect time when I found #mammapeppen on the internet. I knew about WW because I had been a member once before. Now I'm a WW member, I upload short cooking and exercise vlogs to the internet to inspire other members.  


This is Sara's 'why'!


Something that is important to Sara is the WW message that it's not a diet, but about living a healthier lifestyle. I don't want to be someone who advocates dieting. "When you join WW, you learn about healhy habits. And most important of all is it helps you to shift your mindset. And to know that you can keep enjoying what you like."


She had just got back to a healthy weight after her first child and was happy within herself when it was time for the second child. "I've always been quite slim, but I didn’t want to go back to my lowest weight either. What’s great with WW is that I've learned how to stay at a healthy weight."


Sara joined as a Workshop + Digital member, but switched to the Digital membership instead. "I didn’t have enough time to go to WW Workshops. But this works great! I joined a private Facebook group with a WW Coach who inspired me with videos, recipes and more. Every Monday we report our weight to her, and then she announces how much we have lost together."


The breakfast begins the night before 


The most significant change that resulted in Sara’s success was eating more ZeroPoint™ foods, such as fruit and vegetables, more activity and preparing her breakfast in the evening. "I mixed plain fat-free yogurt with chia seeds and different fruits and berries. Sometimes I boost it with vanilla protein powder. It's perfect to get out of the fridge in the morning. It prevents me from choosing something unhealthy when I'm in a hurry or maybe even skip breakfast!"


In addition, Sara synced her activity tracker to the WW app so that FitPoints® go straight into the WW app. "It motivates me even during a walk or workout to see how many FitPoints I have achieved and maybe I'll walk an extra lap for a few more points!"


WW is for everybody 


Sara is now more alert and has the energy to stay up longer with her partner in the evenings. She also has less aches and pains. With her experience, she hopes more people will discover WW.

"A lot of people believe that WW is only for older people and mainly women. But that isn't true! It is for everybody - men, women, younger and older. My partner has also lost some weight, just by joining me in my new healthy habits."