Success Stories

Rebecca: I had to be strong for me

Stress saw Rebecca comfort eat through trips to the hospital with her poorly son. But when her weight got out of control, she knew she needed to make a change – for herself and her family.
Published 27 March, 2018
"Now I’m healthy and strong, I believe I can do anything"

Start weight: 10st 1lb | Weight loss:  1st 11lb 
Current weight: 8st 4lb 
Height: 5' 1" |  Age: 38
Studio: Solihull  
WW Coach: Andrea Wilkins

My son Liam had been poorly

since birth after contracting bacterial meningitis, and the stress of his illness left me struggling with depression. I knew I’d been gaining weight for a while, but I blamed it on everyone but myself. My husband, Colin, had shrunk my clothes in the wash; the shops kept altering their sizes – anything to keep myself from admitting I was getting bigger.

But whenever Liam was in hospital,

I lived on cans of cola and endless rounds of toast. I was doing what I needed to get by, even though I knew it was bad for me. I wanted to raise money for Liam’s cause and spearhead charity events, but there was no way I could host and make speeches in public looking and feeling as uncomfortable as I did. I had to make a change.

I joined WW

and bought a Fitbit, building up my steps each day. When I started running, I thought of Liam fighting for his life in hospital. If he never gave up, how could I? Some days I ran until I cried. Other days, I ran until the pain in my heart and mind melted away. Then, one day, I found I was running because I enjoyed it.

My WW Coach helped me learn

about healthy eating and portion control. At the hospital, I no longer drank fizzy drinks or ate toast, but pounded up and down the stairs, determined to clock up the steps. Soon, I was taking part in 10k events, half marathons and mud runs to raise money for meningitis charities. I even came off my antidepressants, after five years, because I finally felt strong in my mind and body.

As a mother,

caring for a sick child is heartbreaking. But being fit and healthy helps me to deal with it. The most important lesson I’ve learned is that you have to be strong for you, before you can be strong for anyone else. Now I’m healthy and strong, I believe I can do anything.