Success Stories

Rabail: I've lost 4st and changed my life

Getting to goal was the final step on Rabail's amazing weight-loss journey. Now she’s lost 4st, she shares five ways her life has changed for the better…
Published 12 October, 2017
" I’m content with how I look and feel these days. "

Start weight: 13st 7lb | Weight loss:  4st
Current weight: 9st 7lb 
Height: 5' 2" | Age: 31
Time taken to goal: 1 year, 3 months 
Meeting: Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey  
Coach: Anne Bench

1. Clothing choices
At my biggest – a size 22 – I hated going shopping. Most shops didn’t even carry my size, and it was humiliating. But now I love dressing up in my new clothes and going out with my husband, Osman, and two-year-old son, Yusuf, looking my best.

2. Activity levels
I used to be so unfit that even walking up the stairs or doing chores around the house would leave me breathless, but walking more has helped me feel fit again. I can now play with my son without getting out of breath too.

3. Food know-how
Before joining Weight Watchers, I didn’t feel in control of what I was eating. But learning how to meal plan and track SmartPoints® has helped me build a better relationship with food. I keep a copy of the Eat Out guide in my bag for spontaneous meals out.  

4. Self confidence
When I was bigger, I felt like everyone was looking at me, and that made social events really difficult. So when I reached my first mini goal – fitting into a size 12-14 before a holiday – I was so happy! I’m content with how I look and feel these days.

5. Cooking skills
Now that I’ve learned more about making smart eating choices, I’ll cook just about anything! The whole family loves my home-cooked meals. In fact, my mum and sister have enjoyed the food (and my results!) so much, they’ve joined as well.