Success Stories

Marielle wanted to take long walks with her dog ​​again

I've always enjoyed walking with our dog. Today, I enjoy our walks together but much more. WW makes it possible. It is for me a perfect balance to a stressful everyday life.


I still remember the moment I realised how fit I was again: walking with my dog, I ran after him in the woods, slaloming around the trees and hopping over branches - without getting out of breath. Before WW I would not have done that. Recently, we have got a second dog and my mother or brother accompany me on the walks. It's great that we spend more time together as a family.


Avoid food traps


How do you deal with it when others cook for you? This question occurred to me when I was working as an educator in a youth housing group. The shared lunch with the teenagers was just part of it. Of course, I could not beat the cook, I wasn't sure how much oil she would use, and I would just leave the pizza and breaded foods. But even during this time, I was able to maintain my weight, because in the morning and  in the evening, we ate mainly foods with 0 SmartPoints. So I have - with WW Digital - lost a total of 1st. 


Equipped for every use


I am already active as I have been in the voluntary fire brigade for a long time: I got my first firefighter trousers at the age of 15 - in size Medium. When they no longer fitted, I used some bigger trousers that belonged to the men because a new protective pair of trousers was quite expensive. But at some point, a new pair of trousers in size Large had to come. One day, just as we were called to a mission, I realised my trousers were ripped! What a drama! Now, I wear a brand new pair of protective trousers - in size Small! Of course, missions and exercises are also much easier for me. Our respiratory exercise route, where you have to climb an endless ladder, among other things, I master today with ease.


Water march!


At meetings with the volunteers of the volunteer fire brigade, during exercises or socialising, a lot of sugary drinks were always drunk. There was also mineral water and SmartPoint friendly drinks, but they were in the pantry at the back and never made it in the fridge. Today, however, there are always a few bottles at hand - and not only because I put them in there, but because the comrades have thought better of it and I see more of them drinking water instead of sugary drinks. I am very happy that I was able to inspire others to develop healthier habits.