Success Stories

Lucia: I feel more confident than ever

Losing baby weight spurred Lucia on her weight loss journey, and she is feeling better than ever!
"My confidence has grown enormously since I joined WW; enough to make me decide to train as a WW Coach. "

Start weight: 15st 5lb | Weight loss: 1st 8.5lb* 
Current weight: 13st 10.5lb  | Goal weight: 12st 10lbs
Height: 5' 10" |  Age: 28
Studio: Yatton, Somerset
WW Coach: Lisa Cardow 

Baby weight

I’ve always had a weakness when it comes to tea and cakes, and when I was pregnant with my son Sam, during summer 2014, I really let loose. If there was a spare doughnut in the office, I’d have it! You’re always told you’ll lose the baby weight afterwards, but this didn’t seem to happen for me. Weighing fifteen and a half stone , I was unhappy.

Joining WW

My husband Craig and I tried quick-fix diets, but with a new baby we were up at all times of the night and our eating routine was out of sync. My mum Caroline suggested I join WW. I liked the idea that it wasn’t restrictive and I could still eat normal food. If I was meeting my mum or friends for a coffee, I could take a WW bar with me. But equally, I could treat myself to a slice of cake if I wanted.

Becoming a WW Coach

I used to feel self-conscious when I was exercising, like I was the least fit person in the room. But my WW Coach encouraged me, suggesting I started off slowly by pushing Sam in his buggy and following YouTube workouts in my living room. My confidence has grown and I’m now looking forward to tackling a 10k run with my mum and sister. It’s something I never thought I’d do. I’ve still got a bit to go, but I’ve recently become a WW Coach myself to help others, and I'm determined to reach goal.

My moments…

I like to kick back and have fun, and the great thing about WW is that you don’t have to feel guilty about doing it. Once I had two weddings to go to in one weekend. I was a bridesmaid at the first and earned so many FitPoints® as we were dancing so much! I enjoyed a full wedding feast, then re-focused on the Monday, and I was amazed to discover I’d lost 3½lb at my next Wellness Check-in. I always tell my members to let their hair down occasionally and use their weeklies.

I lost my identity after piling on weight during pregnancy and being focused on looking after a newborn. Six months after giving birth I was still hiding beneath baggy clothes. Now I’m moving more and making healthier food choices, I’m dropping dress sizes and can see my shape changing.

With WW you can still be spontaneous and have fun! Recently, my husband Craig and I went to an Ed Sheeran concert in Cardiff where we sang and danced the night away. And we ate and drank what we wanted, thanks to the flexibility of WW!

My confidence has grown enormously since I joined WW; enough to make me decide to train as a WW Coach. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. I feel more confident than ever.

When I go out for a date night with Craig or a meal with friends, I try to read the menu online beforehand. That way I can work out the SmartPoints® and make healthier choices, while still enjoying delicious food.

*Lucia has been following the programme since Jan 2015.