Success Stories

Louise: I can’t believe how slim I now look!

It was family snaps that made Louise realise she needed to lose weight. Now over 2st lighter, she still can't believe how good she looks!

Louise's story

Weight loss: 2st 2.5lb 
Start weight: 13st 8lb
Current weight: 11st 5.5lb
Goal weight: 11st 8lb
Age: 38
Height: 5ft 10in
Time taken so far: 6 months
Studio: Cheadle Hume Methodist Church         
WW Coach: Kathryn Clews

"Now, whenever I see a recent picture of myself I still think: ‘Oh my goodness,’ but it’s because I can’t believe how slim I now look!"

Reality check

It was the first day of school for my four-year-old daughter Ruby, last September, and as we all posed for family photos, I couldn’t have felt more proud. But later on, when I looked at the pictures, I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, is that really me?’ Weighing more than 13st and squeezing myself into size-16 clothes, I couldn’t believe I’d let myself get so big. That week, I joined WW.

I’d been a member in my 20s and lost 4st, so I knew it worked. I’d kept the weight off for several years, but after marrying my husband Simon, we had two children and it was during my pregnancies that the excess weight piled on. It didn’t help that we were living in Switzerland at the time and the food is incredible – lots of cakes, bread and cheese! Also, when I breastfed my son Joseph, I felt so hungry I ate constantly. As a busy mother-of-two, I felt my size was something I’d just have to accept. I didn’t like the fact my clothes were tight, but I promised myself I’d do something about it one day, when I had more time.

Key tactics

However, when I saw those family snaps, I knew I had to start the plan again. The fact that Ruby’s new school was a 15-minute walk away really helped. Walking there and back meant I was doing an hour of exercise every day, five days a week.

Planning was also key. I’d sit down for half an hour when the kids were in bed and plan the family meals for the week. I’d then write a shopping list and stick to the foods on it. I’d also track religiously on the app, using my weekly SmartPoints allowance if I wanted a treat.

The weight came off easily and I was thrilled to get to goal just before Christmas 2016. In the New Year I joined a gym and now go four times a week, working out with a personal trainer, to tone up. 

WW tools used

  • WW app: ‘I use it constantly to track but also to get inspiration for meals.’
  • Connect: ‘I like reading other people’s success stories.’
  • Barcode scanner: ‘I absolutely love this and think it’s funny when you see other people in the supermarket doing it too – it’s like a little gang of secret scanners.’
  • Online Coach: ‘I’ve asked questions a few times about how many SmartPoints are in a product and have always been impressed by how quickly they get back to you.’
  • Library of recipes: ‘I don’t follow the recipes to the letter, but adapt them to suit my family. I always keep track of the SmartPoints though.’
  • Fitbit: ‘I’m a bit obsessed! I wear it every day and if I don’t get to 10k steps I’ll go out for a walk in the evening.’
  • WW magazine: ‘It gives me so much inspiration and great ideas. I love reading about how other people have lost their weight.’


  • Full English breakfast: ‘I didn’t think I’d be able to eat a full English, but it's still on the menu!’


  • ‘I love baking and cake decorating, but when I used to make cupcakes with the children I’d end up eating four at a time. Now I’m more mindful of what I’m eating, so if I fancy a cupcake, I’ll have one. I don’t need to eat more. I also love Cadbury’s Twirls and have one using my weeklies.’


  • ‘It’s been so easy to fit WW into family life. We’ll still have burgers, curries and chicken chow mein, but they’re all WW recipes and I’ll have a smaller portion. My children are fussier about what they eat, but even they enjoy meals such as Bolognese. I’ve found that weighing pasta, rice and potatoes makes a huge difference. Before, I’d simply chuck them in the pan and eat far too much. We eat out regularly as a family, but now I make mindful choices, having steak with salad, rather than chips.’