Success Stories

Lisa: I wanted to mark the new me

Getting a tattoo to celebrate a weight-loss journey has become a bit of a thing. Meet member Lisa, who celebrated her weight-loss success with some amazing body art…
Published 12 March, 2018
"Losing weight gave me the courage to do things I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do otherwise!"

Start weight: 13st | Weight loss:  3st 11lb
Current weight: 9st 3lb 
Height: 5' 3" |  Age: 45
Studio: Halifax, Yorkshire
WW Coach: Lisa McCarthy 

When we were in our 20s,

my friend got a floral armband tattoo that I loved. I really wanted to get something similar but, unhappy with my body, I didn’t want to draw attention to myself and so I never bothered.

Then in 2002

my GP told me that I needed to lose weight. Jolted into action, I joined WW right away and although my weight loss was slow at first, it was steady and I was determined. Once I reached goal, I called the tattoo studio. It was finally time to treat myself!

Getting my own floral armband tattoo

marked the ‘new’ me and my changed body and attitude. Losing weight is a lifetime commitment, just like a tattoo, so it felt appropriate to mark it that way. Since then, I’ve added tattoos one by one to mark other significant events in my life, and now my whole back is covered with them!

I’m now a WW Coach myself,

and although I don’t flaunt my tattoos in meetings, I know a few of my members plan to get their own once they reach goal. Losing weight changed my life and gave me the courage to do things I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do otherwise – and getting my tattoos was just one of them.