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Lisa: I still eat what I like (yes, even chocolate!)

How pro baker and confectioner Lisa learned to love food the healthy way.
Published 9 October, 2018
"I love that I can still eat what I like, within reason (yes, even chocolate!) "

Start weight: 12st 5lb | Weight loss: 1st 11lb 
Current weight: 10st 8lb 
Height: 5' 6" |  Age: 44
Studio: Broxbourne, Hertfordshire
WW Coach: Ayse Hime

Food is my passion

Food has always been a passion of mine – especially chocolate! Even as a child I was obsessed. My mum always had cake in the house, as well as a biscuit tin and chocolate jar. But back then, I was more interested in eating them than making them. It wasn’t until I was older that I started to look at patisserie and see the beauty in it. I decided to make food my profession and trained at the renowned Ashburton Cookery School, before taking an advanced diploma in patisserie and confectionary.

Realising my dreams

I was thrilled to open The Cocoa Box in 2009, a bespoke bakery that hosts cupcake and chocolate-making workshops. But while I love teaching people how to create sweet treats, it can be a challenge to my waistline and in 2016 my weight crept up to more than 12st. I felt that I needed to develop a better relationship with food, so that September, I joined WW.

Making healthy changes

I love that I can still eat what I like, within reason (yes, even chocolate!) and the support from other WW members is great. Plus my WW Coach, Ayse, is brilliant! She’s so kind, and really funny – she’s the reason I keep going back every week despite my love/hate relationship with the scales.

Mindful approach to food

At home, I now cook a lot of fish and vegetables. And because I enjoy recipe development, I’ve been experimenting with recipes to make them healthier. I’m actually having a lot of fun with it! But I think taking a more mindful approach to enjoying food is the way forward. Luckily I’ve learned that you can make gorgeous chocolatey treats healthier – so I’m able to stay on track without feeling like I’m missing out.