Success Stories

Lia: I lost 2st 8lb without giving up pasta or going hungry!

Feeling heavy and uncomfortable and spurred on by her mum's weight loss success, Lia made the decision to do something about it.
Published 19 March, 2019

Lia, 25, WW Workshop, lost 2st 8lb

When I finished school and went to university, I started gaining weight right away. Leaving home, the new surroundings — obviously it all unsettled me so much that, more and more, I consoled or distracted myself by eating. But that didn’t feel like the real me, because I was actually a self-confident person who really loved life. With WW, I quickly got that back.

My click moment

I wish it had happened in just one moment! It was actually a ski weekend with my gymnastics club. I simply felt so heavy and uncomfortable, both on the slopes and when we were sitting together in the evening. That’s when I decided, “I have to do something!” My mother had successfully lost weight with WW years before that, so I went straight to the Workshop in the town where I was studying—at first just to see whether the programme seemed right for me.

Why I love WW

I can eat noodles and still lose weight! And honestly, if the WW Coach at the first Workshop had said pasta was off limits, I’d have walked straight out.

My start

Right after the WW Workshop, I went shopping and bought all the food I needed for the first week — and from there, there was no going back. My housemates really supported me. We all planned the week, shopped, and cooked together.

My success

I lost weight in the first week, and in just nine months I lost 2st 8lb — with pasta and without having to go hungry. I can still remember the first breakfast I made using a WW recipe. It was so much that I couldn’t eat it all.

My greatest challenge

Eating with my boyfriend. He’s an athlete, and he can eat a lot more than me. But I’ve learned that it’s fine to make something different for myself once in a while.

My best experience

After I graduated from university, I moved back to my hometown. And since my mother also wanted to lose weight again, I persuaded her to go to the Workshop together with me. For me as a Gold Member, that was good affirmation, and she really lost a significant amount of weight (read Rahel's story here). We made the Workshop into a real mum-daughter event. We still cook for each other. When she cooks, she gives me an extra portion to take home and I'll warm up later—and vice versa.

My body and me

I used to always feel so bloated. Now that I’m eating healthily, I don’t feel so uncomfortably full anymore. And everything I do feels so much easier.

My favourite “then vs. now”

My boyfriend and I have been hiking together for years. At my earlier weight, the hikes weren’t all that much fun for me. They were exhausting. I really had to struggle. When we do the same hikes again now, I have a direct comparison—and honestly, it’s so much easier now and so much more enjoyable, I love it!