Success Stories

Leanne: What a difference a year makes

Leanne proves that taking the first step is the hardest part. Just a year after joining WW, she’s feeling better than ever.
Published 19 November, 2018
"It was simple changes that made the biggest difference."

Start weight: 11st 11lb | Weight loss: 3st 5lb 
Current weight: 8st 6lb 
Height: 5' 2" |  Age: 28
Studio: Whitwell, Derbyshire
Wellness Coach: Diane Longden

Taking the first step

After my wedding, I turned from a happy-go-lucky wife into someone who dreaded date nights and flinched when her husband cuddled her. I’d gained 2st, and felt sluggish and tired. My joints ached and I became moody, too. The effects of reaching a size 14 weren’t just on my waistline, and I knew something needed to change.

In January 2016, my sister Natalie and I went to our first WW Workshop together. I was worried that everyone would judge me, but my WW Coach, Di, was so positive and upbeat that I didn’t feel apprehensive for long.

Little by little

That first week was the toughest of my life. The idea of trying to lose weight and learn healthier habits seemed overwhelming, and certainly not something I thought I could achieve quickly. But how wrong I was! That first week I lost 7lb, which was a big surprise.

Having my sister’s support in those first few difficult weeks was a godsend, as we helped each other stick to the programme. I made healthier food choices, such as swapping pies for stir-fries, and I also found lots of great recipe ideas on WW Facebook groups. What I loved most was that it never felt like I was depriving myself, as I’d simply use my weeklies when I fancied a treat.

Reaping the rewards

As the months went by, I lost weight steadily and began to feel healthier and happier. It was simple changes that made the biggest difference, such as leaving the car at home when I popped out to the shop. I also bought a Fitbit, which encouraged me to be active in my everyday life. My relationship with my husband improved too, as I felt better about myself and stopped feeling embarrassed to get dressed up and go on date nights with him.