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Laura: Food blogger Laura’s SmartPoints friendly meals helped her lose 3st 10lb

...and landed her on the cover of Weight Watchers magazine in May 2016.

Laura's story 

Name: Laura
Weight loss: 3st 10lb
Start weight: 13st 9lb
Goal weight: 9st 9lb
Current weight: 9st 13lb
Age: 27
Height: 5ft 7in
Time taken to goal: 8 months

Having a picture taken on holiday without having to hide myself behind others made me feel more confident than ever before.

Keep your ‘before’ pictures People think I'm mad, but I carry a 'heavy' picture in my handbag absolutely everywhere I go, and if I'm having a wobble, I pull it out and make myself soak it in. My epiphany came on a night out with my friends. As they slipped effortlessly into size 10s and 12s, I battled with the zip on my faithful size-16 dress that just wouldn't go up. I joined Weight Watchers soon after. The picture reminds me of when I first joined Weight Watchers and how I felt in myself. I don’t want to be that girl again.

Understand what you’re eating… My family thinks it’s hilarious that I make my own recipes. Before I went to uni, I couldn’t even cook pasta – my mum once asked me to make spaghetti, so I put it in the pan, poured boiling water on it and left it for ten minutes. The hob wasn’t even on! So, I learnt to make pasta. But unfortunately, while I was doing my degree, I made it all the time – especially cheesy pasta bakes! I went up to a size 16, and didn’t understand why. I’d learned to cook, but was still hiding behind mates on a night out so I could avoid the camera. When I joined Weight Watchers, I took a serious look at what I was putting into my mouth. Those pasta bakes I was eating? The portions were four times bigger than they should have been. Plus, I was dousing everything in oil. That adds more calories than the food itself!

Make eating healthily do-able… It took me a long time to make the decision to lose the weight that had been piling on over four years, but I knew my new ‘diet’ had to be my forever diet. No quick fix would work. But I had to make it do-able. I’ve spoken to many people who, before joining Weight Watchers, thought cooking would be expensive and time consuming. But the food I rustle up is always quick and affordable, so I can be in control at all times.

My yes moment A few weeks before my journey ended, I went on holiday with the same size-8 friend who had previously made me realise how big I’d gotten at size 16. Just eight months later, as I slipped into a size-8 dress on holiday, I felt like I had finally got to where I wanted to be. Having a picture taken on this holiday without having to hide myself behind others made me feel more confident than ever before.

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