Food blogger Laura lost nearly 4st with WW

...and landed herself a magazine cover shoot!
Published 5 December, 2016

Start weight: 13st 9.5lb | Weight loss: 3st 10.5lb* 
Current weight: maintaining at 10st 4lb
Height: 5ft 7in | Age: 27
Studio: Timerly | WW Coach: Kath Richards

"WW Freestyle™ gives me the freedom to enjoy a G&T (or two!) without feeling guilty."

Keep your ‘before’ pictures People think I'm mad, but I carry a 'heavy' picture in my handbag absolutely everywhere I go, and if I'm having a wobble, I pull it out and make myself soak it in. My epiphany came on a night out with my friends. As they slipped effortlessly into size 10s and 12s, I battled with the zip on my faithful size-16 dress that just wouldn't go up. I joined WW soon after. The picture reminds me of when I first joined WW and how I felt in myself. I don’t want to be that girl again.

Understand what you’re eating…Before I went to uni, I couldn’t even cook pasta! But, while I was doing my degree, I made it all the time – especially cheesy pasta bakes. I went up to a size 16, and didn’t understand why. I’d learned to cook, but was still hiding behind mates on a night out so I could avoid the camera. When I joined WW, I took a serious look at what I was eating. My portions were four times bigger than they should have been. Plus, I was dousing everything in oil. That adds more SmartPoints® than the food itself!

Food, drink & Freestyle! I eat a lot of ZeroPoint™ foods such as chicken, eggs, beans and pulses which are nutritious and filling. I'll often eat eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch, so find it easy to rollover SmartPoints. This is handy for special occasions, or for just saving them so I have plenty of freedom at the weekend. I can enjoy a couple of G&Ts without having to feel guilty!

One of my favourite meals is Korean spaghetti bolognaise. It's quick and easy, but with a spicy twist. It's delicious and only 5 SmartPoints per serving.  Replacing normal spaghetti with butternut squash noodles is a simple way to reduce SmartPoints. 

The app is brilliant! I use it everyday as I've always got my phone with me.  I love the barcode scanner, recipe builder, calculator and Connect. So many members share their stories which are motivational and I enjoy looking through their before & after photos for inspiration.

Little rewards make a big difference When you have a successful week and lose weight, reward yourself with a new lipstick or an inexpensive exercise gadget! They are great perks for your achievements.

My 'yes' moment A few weeks before my journey ended, I went on holiday with the same size-8 friend who had previously made me realise how big I’d gotten at size 16. Just eight months later, as I slipped into a size-8 dress on holiday, I felt like I had finally got to where I wanted to be. Having a picture taken on this holiday without having to hide myself behind others made me feel more confident than ever before.

Discover Laura’s delicious recipes on her Instagram feed @skinnykitchensecrets


*It took Laura 8 months to reach her goal weight.
Laura featured on the WW magazine cover in 2016.