Kim: I stayed on Blue and it's still working!
Since losing weight for her hen do and wedding, Kim's now maintaining on Blue
Published 13 January, 2020

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2lb/week. Kim lost weight on a prior programme and is continuing on myWW™.


My why

I'm 28 and I have a six year old daughter, Olivia. I got engaged a year and a half ago to my now husband Scott which was the reason I wanted to lose weight. I'd followed WW after I had Olivia to help me lose the baby weight and it’s the only thing that’s ever worked. I knew If I wanted to lose weight for my hen do in Benidorm, and to feel my best for my big day in November, WW was my best option!

I’m genuinely so glad I did! It worked even better this time and the programme felt even easier to follow! I didn’t feel I was restricted and if I stuck to my my SmartPoints during the week, I could still use my weeklies to indulge at the weekend! 



Using the WW app

I use the barcode scanner in the app and find it really useful when food shopping in Aldi, especially as you can find foods really quickly without having to type in anything.


Why it works for me

  • I couldn’t live without an odd take away or bottle of wine which is why I love WW so much! I'm not restricted from eating or drinking anything. Even if I have a blow out as long as I reign it back in afterwards, I can continue to lose weight. 
  • My favourite WW recipe is a “skinny pizza” either with a wrap or pitta base with a side salad. I’m a huge pizza fan and it tastes even better homemade, rather than a frozen shop bought one. 
  • I usually save my weeklies for special occasions. But even if I do have a blow out, I try and stay on track in small ways like drinking diet soft drinks, using sweetners in tea/coffee, and have low-fat cheese and milk. 


Workshops work!

I started going to my local Workshop, which was great, then decided to use the express Workshop on a Friday morning on my way to work. Both WW Coaches, Laura & Jenni were amazing and really supportive.