Success Stories

Kathy: I feel 40 years younger!

Losing weight hasn’t only made Kathy much more confident, it’s also given her heaps more energy.
Published 30 August, 2018
" I may be 66 now but I honestly feel 40 years younger!"

Start weight: 12st 5lb | Weight loss: 3st 2lb 
Current weight: 9st  3lb
Height: 5' 6" |  Age: 66
Studio: St Peter’s Parish Centre, Greenhill/Sheffield
WW Coach: Tracey Taylor

Bad accident

At 18, I had a bad fall and broke my back. It left me paralysed for months and took me a further year to recover. But I went travelling as soon as I could, then lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years before returning to the UK.

Enjoying life

I met my husband Trevor in my late 20s and life suddenly became comfortable – perhaps too comfortable! We enjoyed food and ate big portions of fish and chips and roast dinners. But my back suffered with each pound I gained. By my 30s I wore a size 18, hobbled when I walked and relied on pain medication. Doctors said I needed back surgery.

Lightbulb moment

I knew I should lose weight but my lightbulb moment didn't come until I was at a wedding dress fitting with my sister and the shop assistant thought I was her mother. I was devastated. 

Joining a WW Workshop

Shortly afterwards, I went to my first Workshop. It soon became the highlight of my week. I made friends who were all going through the same experiences as me, cut down on alcohol, began to eat lean proteins and tried new WW recipes.

Getting active

My next step was to join a gym. I’d worried that exercise would aggravate my back pain, but gentle routines helped and I surprised myself by becoming a regular at my local sports centre.


It’s been six years since I got to goal. I’ve not only maintained, but have lost a little more weight too. I work out three times a week, no longer take pain medication, and feel better than ever. My relationship with food has been transformed and I know the SmartPoints® values of all my favourite meals by heart. And as for being mistaken for an older woman… I may be 66 now but I honestly feel 40 years younger!