Success Stories

Karen: With WW I can still be a foodie

Karen’s big portions and busy lifestyle left her overweight, out of breath and unhappy. But after joining WW with her husband, she’s now well on her way to getting healthy for good
Published 7 November, 2017
"I feel fuller for longer. I’m not constantly craving snacks, but if I do feel peckish, there are so many healthy alternatives. "

Start weight: 22st  | Weight loss: 4st 12lb*  
Current weight: 17st 2lb 
Height: 5' 9" |  Age: 50
Studio: Hoddelsden, Blackburn
Wellness Coach: Melissa Freeman   

As a trainee photography teacher, you’ll often find me climbing up stepladders or crawling along the floor in order to get the perfect shot. But two years ago, it was a very different story. Weighing over 22st, I was a size 26-28 and had so many aches and pains. I was short of breath and wouldn’t even have had the confidence to stand up and teach a group of students.

I’ve always struggled with my weight. Growing up, my whole family was big. When Ian and I first got together, I used to cook huge steaks with double cream and half a pound of butter. It’s no wonder that by the time I was 21, I weighed more than 21st.

By the age of 27, I had high blood pressure and was put on medication. My job as a project manager didn’t help. I’d spend hours on the road driving to jobs, grabbing a Mars bar for lunch or scoffing a big bag of fruit gums in the car. Ian and I loved eating out – and in. We’d both gotten bigger to the point that, at my heaviest, I had to ask for a seatbelt extension on the plane when we set off on holiday and I was so embarrassed.

I joined WW, and gradually the weight began to come off. I was astonished by how my taste buds changed. I never used to eat fish before, but now I love smoked salmon and scrambled eggs or cod with a pesto crumb. I crave vegetables rather than a bag of crisps.

I’m someone who can easily turn to food when I’m tired, stressed or busy, so I’ve learned how to snack healthily on WW Freestyle™. I marinate chicken pieces or king prawns in tandoori spice and keep them in Tupperware boxes in the fridge. Or I’ll keep a pack of sugar snap peas to hand and a pot of hummus. Ian and I will always love our food but we’ve learned that you don’t have to compromise on flavour simply because it’s healthier. 

Why WW Freestyle works for me

  • I can save my SmartPoints and still have my chocolate fix at the end of the day. I know that Lindt dark chocolate is 2 SmartPoints for 10g. 
  • We like to go out for Sunday lunch to a pub that does fantastic roast beef with Yorkshire puddings. The fact that we can rollover our SmartPoints and enjoy our meal without any guilt is great.  
  • I love that with the WW app, you can check out what the best bet is at a restaurant.

*Karen joined WW in March 2016.