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Junaid lost 6st and is living life to the full

Fed up of not being able to find clothes to fit, and with his weight affecting his love of playing cricket, Junaid turned to WW to help him change his habits.
Published 22 December, 2018

Junaid, Digital, Lost 6st*

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 lb/week

In Junaid’s words:
A lot of people believe that once you’re in your 40s, it’s tougher to get fit and stay healthy. And before WW, I would have agreed.

I’d been living a pretty interesting life, but it was affecting my health. I’d been a part-time DJ for 16 years, playing gigs all over the world. My day job was working in finance in London, and after a long commute I was too tired to hit the gym after work.

Instead of cooking, I’d grab a sandwich to eat on the train, or flop onto the sofa with a takeaway. When I was having trouble finding clothes to fit me, and struggling to play cricket, I realised I had to change things if I were going to be able to travel, be fit and enjoy life.

A friend indeed

A friend of mine recommended I join WW. What I love most is that it’s not a diet. I’m a foodie (which is what got me to 17st in the first place), and I quickly learned I could still enjoy my favourite foods. I eat in a healthier way and use my weeklies to treat myself to something special.

As I changed my habits, I began to realise my work/life balance wasn’t right and that I needed to focus on me, as well as my job. I decided to stop commuting and found a job locally. It’s still an intense, busy role but it’s a massive improvement.

Feeling younger and more confident
Since forming healthier habits and losing the weight, I feel younger and in a better place emotionally. It’s been a domino effect – as my appearance changed, my confidence and social life improved. I’m enjoying meeting new people and work clients again.

I can’t imagine spending a whole Saturday afternoon watching TV the way I used to. Now, I go to the gym, play squash, cook or play the drums in my home ‘studio’. I also walk around 32km during the weekend, because I have so much more energy.

Why WW Freestyle works for me
There are so many ZeroPoint foods to choose from! I can make a really filling meal without using any SmartPoints values, and I never feel hungry. I love food, and I’ve become obsessed with cooking the food I’ve always enjoyed, but in healthier ways. Ideas from other members in Connect are really inspiring. I use my weekly SmartPoints to treat myself to something special, and I always look forward to spending them..

How Junaid’s success with WW has improved his life

I’m living a fun, full life again
I still do occasional DJ gigs for friends’ birthdays, and I’m back playing cricket – carrying less weight makes it much easier to score runs!

Thanks to WW and the changes it’s helped me make, I’m living life to the full again. I’m also confident enough to take on new challenges. A dream of mine is to open a restaurant with a friend, so watch this space!