Success Stories

Joe and Rachel: “It was about being together, being a community, supporting each other through highs and lows physically and mentally.”

Joe, 34, and Rachel, 32 met through social media before bringing that virtual friendship and mutual support network into the real world of WeightWatchers. Together, they share their story of how they discovered some things are “better together”
Published 2 September, 2022
Once upon a time…

Joe - current weight loss 1stone 7lbs: I started at my local WeightWatchers workshop to support a friend back in early 2019, but ended up really clicking with the Programme and achieving my own goals. Then COVID hit, and along with moving house and lockdown, my routine was thrown. And I thrive on routine.

Image of Joe who has lost weight with WeightWatchers

Rachel: I joined WeightWatchers when post-Christmas four years ago, I stepped on the scales and the figure staring back at me was my cue for making a significant change. And I knew that wouldn’t be a faddy diet, which is what I tended to almost every January before that.

Like Joe, I also enjoyed success early on. In the first four months I lost four stone, but then my mojo and motivation seemed to disappear. I turned to Instagram for renewed inspiration and having reached my goal, was determined to motivate others.

Image of Rachel who has lost weight with WeightWatchers

Joe: And that’s where I spotted Rachel - being inspirational in a way that I could relate to. I DM’d her and we hit it off virtually straight away. It felt like we’d known each other for years,

Rachel: Seeing Joe in real life at a WeightWatchers event where I was briefly coaching was nice - so we had a hug and it felt lovely having a cheerleader in the room that had the potential to be a real friend.

Joe: Then there was lockdown, and that support and friendship went back to being online and messaging.

Rachel: All through that time and up until now, we’ve been talking about our journeys. And we've been honest with each other in a way that I don't think any of our friends and family would be. Joe will be the one to call me out if I forget to track and he’ll ask the right questions to understand why I get derailed.

Joe: Our friends don't always want to hear about our lifestyle changes all the time so it's nice to have someone that you can go to and just share… or admit I’m struggling and need help. Which I can always do with Rachel.

Rachel: And together we know that life happens, you’re not going to lose weight all the time, but by encouraging each other we can move on with our wellbeing journey. And it’s more than just weight loss - it’s a complete lifestyle change without giving up the things you love - in my case chocolate orange!

Joe: And as I like routine, WeightWatchers is all about that. The app especially helps me keep focus, I understand Points and how to keep things simple. And as well as having Rachel in my corner, I’m also supported by the WW community, and I feel like I can support them.

WW is a lifestyle change and not a diet. It's not restrictive, nothing's off the menu and you can live a really fun and exciting lifestyle, while getting healthier along the way. And you may even get to make a friend - a very honest friend - for life.

Rachel: My advice is if you get thrown off track, you don’t have to feel like you’re back at square one. There is a massive WeightWatchers community there to support you at every stage of your journey - the ups and the downs. And if you find one person that will be your motivational partner, even better.