Success Stories

Joanna: I’ve lost more than 2st and still enjoy a great brunch…

After realising her fitness level wasn’t up to scratch, Joanna made some healthy changes – but she didn’t have to give up the things she enjoys most…
"It’s about living a healthy lifestyle rather than following a restrictive diet."


Weight loss: 2st 5lb 
Age: 26
Studio: Corn Market Hall, Kettering, Northamptonshire
Wellness Coach: Helen Biddulph

Unhappy holiday

I knew I needed to make changes when I returned from a family holiday to Spain, where I’d puffed and panted my way up the rock of Gibraltar – not a good look! I’d been gaining weight and felt uncomfortable and not like myself anymore. It wasn’t a great place to be for someone who was barely 20.

Friendly advice

I was inspired to join by my best friend Keelie, who’d lost weight with WW. Within two months of going to a WW Workshop, I’d lost 2st and also joined a gym, doing three 60-minute cardio sessions each week. We’ve supported each other on our journeys ever since.

Healthy choices

I try to make healthy choices from Monday to Friday, tracking my daily SmartPoints® and being active, but on weekends and holidays I don’t track what I eat or worry about exercise.

After joining WW, I slimmed down to 10st 7lb, but I felt too skinny. I now weigh 11st 6lb, and although I’d like to lose another 7lb, I’m not focused on weight. I still attend my Workshop on Saturday mornings, but I’m taking it slowly. I enjoy food too much to starve myself, and that’s the beauty of WW. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle rather than following a restrictive diet.