Success Stories

Jemma: It’s about lifestyle changes, not just food

Having lost over 3st, Jemma is feeling fantastic. She has tons more energy, feels more in control, more confident and less stressed.
Published 10 April, 2017

Jemma's story

Weight loss: 3st 6lb 
Start weight: 12st 2lb
Current weight: 8st 10lb
Goal weight: 9st
Age: 33
Height: 5ft 3in
Time taken so far: 7 months
Studio: Blackrod Methodist Church, Bolton
WW Coach: Justine Wilson

"I feel fantastic. I have tons more energy, feel more in control, more confident and less stressed."

Reality check

There’s nothing like seeing yourself on video to make you aware of what other people see. My brother-in-law took a video of our family, at Christmas 2015, and I was horrified. I was wearing a size 14 outfit which looked incredibly tight. My face was round and I seemed really uncomfortable.

I was a yo-yo dieter who’d tried every diet under the sun, and they never worked. But having seen that video, I knew I had to make a change once and for all. A friend suggested WW. She really enjoyed it, so I decided to give it a go.

What I love about WW...

Going into your first WW Workshop by yourself is daunting but I felt really welcome. When I stood on the scales and saw how much I weighed, over 12st, I was shocked as it was nearly the same as I’d been while full term pregnant! But I was more determined than ever to do something about it.

What I love about WW is that it’s about lifestyle changes, not just food. Yes, I’ve stopped eating so many takeaways – although I can still have one if I like as nothing’s off limits – but it’s also about making small changes. For instance, I leave the car at home and walk to the shops. I never skip breakfast. I use low fat mince. I’ve stopped picking at my three kids’ leftovers. I’ve taken up running. All these little habits add up to a big difference.

I lost 5lb in my first week and knew I was going to get to goal. Apart from one week where I went out for a big family meal before weigh-in and put on a pound, I lost consistently every week.

I'm a happy size 8!

Now I’m at goal, I go to Workshops once every two weeks to keep on track. What’s more, I’m no longer squeezing myself in to clothes, I've just ordered a size 8 uniform for work!

WW tools used

  • App: ‘I use it all the time and plan ahead. It’s also great for making you think twice. Once my kids asked for a Krispie Kreme donut and I thought about having one too until I discovered it was 16 SmartPoints! But before, I would have simply scoffed it without thinking.’
  • Barcode scanner: ‘I use this to help me all the time in the supermarket.’


  • Oh-so-easy overnight porridge pot - 'A real saviour when I’m planning ahead. I used to skip breakfast all the time and then find myself gorging on snacks later in the day so having something as filling as this, really helps.


  • I love bread and would always take sandwiches to work. When I started WW I thought I’d have to stop – but instead, I use WW bread! I fill them with ham, tuna or WW spread and it keeps me full for the afternoon.
  • If Shaun and I want to eat out at a restaurant, I know I can. I’ll make sensible choices but if I want to have a big meal, I’ll eat fewer points earlier in the day.


  • We have regular movie nights when the kids have a bag of sweets but I’ll have my own WW jelly babies – which stops me pinching theirs!