Success Stories

Janine: I wanted to set a better example for my kids

WW member Janine has lost an amazing 14st since joining WW and now loves nothing better than getting active with her kids
"It’s not just my size that has changed; it’s my whole life."


Start weight: 25st 7lb | Weight loss: 14st 1lb 
Current weight: 11st 12lb
Height: 5' 7" |  Age: 31
Studio: Carlton, Nottingham
WW Coach: Penny Pannell


Facing the truth

At 25, I weighed more than 25st and was offered gastric band surgery. I knew it wasn’t the right solution for me – I wanted to change my life for good, without resorting to surgery. I had chronic problems with my knees, which made walking difficult, and I was too exhausted to play with my children. That’s when I decided to join WW. It was the first step on a momentous journey.


Starting afresh

Standing outside my first WW Workshop, I struggled to find the courage to go in. But from the moment I stepped inside, everyone made me feel so supported. I learned about portion sizes and healthy snacking, and soon, with my energy levels improving, I went for walks and even started swimming. With the help of my WW Coach, Penny, I learned to renegotiate years of unhealthy habits and learn healthier new ones.


Achieving goals

Through it all, Penny was amazing. She always cheered me on and when I got to goal she cried more than I did! Today, it’s not just my size that has changed; it’s my whole life. Now I exercise three times a week, go for long walks with the kids, and I’m also studying community nursing – a lifelong dream of mine that I wouldn’t have had the energy to do before joining WW.