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Janine: The happiest day of my life!

With just 5 months to go until her dream Tuscan wedding to fiancé Andy, Janine set out to lose 2st of baby weight.
Published 20 March, 2017

Janine's story 

Name: Janine
Weight loss: 2st 2lb
Start weight: 12st 2lb
Goal weight: 10st
Current weight: 10st 5lb
Age: 39
Time taken to goal: 5 months

"‘Andy encouraged me to keep going, and would send me a motivational text when I updated him after my WW Workshop every week. "

Lucky in love ‘Andy and I met while working as teachers in the same school. At first we were just friends, but I soon fell for him. On our first date, he commented on how much I loved my food! Three years later, on a surprise trip to Barcelona, he asked me to marry him.’

Mum's the word ‘I’d been slim my whole life, but that changed when I had kids. I gained a few extra pounds while pregnant with my first son, Oscar, and even more with my second, Quinn. As a busy mum, I put my kids first, which meant cooking quick, simple food that everyone would eat – like pasta. And of course, I started eating the kids’ leftovers! After having our daughter, Beatrice, I had 2st of baby weight to lose before I’d be able to fit into my wedding dress.’

Woman on a mission ‘After my six-week check, I got serious about getting into shape for the wedding and joined WW. Within a few weeks, Andy got on board and started cooking us healthy recipes he’d found in WW magazine, and I overhauled our fridge and kitchen cupboards, getting rid of anything that might tempt me to overindulge.’

Support act ‘Andy was – and still is – my personal cheerleader, even offering to stay in and cook when I didn’t feel like going out, and helping me ease into my new exercise routine by buying me a Fitbit and gym membership.’

The best day ‘With the help of Andy and the kids, I reached goal in time for our wedding in Tuscany. We’d always dreamed of getting married in Italy, so it was amazing to be able to tie the knot abroad – especially in a gorgeous size-10 dress. Since the wedding, I’ve regained 5lb, but I know with Andy by my side, I’ll be back to my healthy self in no time.’