Success Stories
Hayley: I feel amazing! I have so much more energy!
A tough few years and juggling being a working mum led to Hayley's increased in weight. But a conversation with a work friend was the push she needed to do something about it.
Published 8 October, 2018
" I've definitely got more of a 'can-do' attitude about me now and it feels soooo good ! "


Start weight: 18st 4lb | Weight loss: 3st 1.5lb 
Current weight: 15st 2.5lb 
Height: 5' 8.5" |  Age: 42
WW Coach: Kerrie Martin

A tough few years

A tough few years personally and juggling being a FT working mum to an energetic 5 year old, my weight had increased steadily and tipping the scales at 18st 7lb at the end of 2015 shocked me! I've always struggled with my weight but this was the heaviest I'd ever been! During the past couple of years, I had been facing into some painful memories from my past and dealing with some challenging situations in my relationship which had led me to having counseling for myself and during 2015, Relationship Counseling with my partner Rob. I couldn't seem to get enough sleep but had no energy or motivation. I felt like I wasn't being a good mum to my little boy Nathan and was frequently tearful at home and work over small things but couldn't understand what was triggering it! I just felt down in myself so I went to see my fantastic doctor (who I'm lucky to have had since I was born) with her help we eliminated a number of causes and I was diagnosed with depression. This came as a real shock to me as I see myself as a generally positive person but I trusted the diagnosis from my doctor. At first I tried natural over the counter remedies and a little exercise due to the stigma attached to antidepressants. I saw a small improvement but things still weren't right.  Sharing my thoughts with a couple of close friends helped me realise that it was nothing to be scared of and they helped me see that it was Ok to take a tablet to help me get better in the same way we wouldn't think twice about taking a tablet for a headache!

Turning my life around

With the new year approaching, my mind always gets triggered to thinking about losing weight and getting healthy. We'd already rejoined the gym in September 2015 but I started hearing about the new SmartPoints system that WW was launching in January 2016. On 6th January I was working in our Basildon office and I was having a conversation with Fiona a friend at work who had lost a lot of weight with WW. When I asked her about the changes to the plan and how it was encouraging us to eat cleaner and Iess sugar. As someone with a sweet tooth I knew this would be a great time for me to start. At the end of the day I drove straight home with nothing but WW on my mind, when I got home I checked to see where my local WW Workshop was, which happened to be that very night and I had 20 minutes to get there! I texted Rob and told him I'd be late home and jumped in the car. Arriving at the Workshop, I was welcomed by my WW Coach Kerrie who I'd attended classes with previously (to lose my baby weight after my little boy was born). During the Workshop I had a little tearful moment sharing my story but I felt like I was doing something positive and I felt like the burden was lifting! My Coach Kerrie was really understanding and didn't make me feel silly. She helped me believe I can do it this time! I lost 6lbs in my first week and haven't looked back. I started on a course of antidepressants in late January and this has helped me lift my mood and energy levels which in turn also helped me stay focused. In the past I've had success when I stick to a routine but as soon as that routine get broken (special events, holidays etc) I've always struggled to get back on track. So when I fell ill with a really nasty chest infection in late February I really worried I wouldn't be able to keep on track. At the beginning I managed to keep on track most of the time but as the condition worsened and left me homebound and sleeping /resting in bed for long hours I just had to focus on my recovery. I kept myself busy but had to miss several classes and put on 4.5 lbs. However something felt different in me and knowing this was my danger zone I tired hard to keep focus and get back on track and lost the gain and more within 2 weeks. Since the start I've set myself mini goals along the way to keep me focussed and to stop like the end goal from feeling unachievable. Its now June and I've just passed my 3 stone loss milestone which I am thrilled about and so is my Doctor! Now that I'm making such great progress, together we agreed a realistic goal target of 85kg for me which she has confirmed in a letter for me. after seeing a few people in my WW Workshop hit their goal weight target, I wanted to make sure that I had something realistic for me to work towards to keep me motivated as I never managed to hit goal in the past and really want to see this journey through to the end this time! 

Getting active

Getting myself moving has been crucial to my success this time around. Alongside my trusty fitbit and a target of 10k steps per day, I now head to the gym every Sunday evening for ME TIME. During the evening I'll work out, swim and at the end enjoy using the sauna and Jacuzzi. This gives me the time and space to get active, relax and reflect on my journey and helps me to be mindful of the progress I have made and helps keep me on track. 7 weeks ago, inspired by my #connect community (who have also massively inspired my WW journey this time!!!) I decided to give the NHS couch to 5K podcasts a go and I am LOVING them! It was a struggle at first but I'm now running continuously for 25 mins and (having signed up about 2 years ago!) I finally attended and completed my first 5k parkrun in 37 mins last week. Reaction to my weight loss from family and friends has been great. I've also had great encouragement from my 'work family'.  My journey was inspired by something I read about. The article said that a strong body represents a strong mind and that resonated with me. For me this journey is not just about weight loss but about feeling good and strong in myself so I can cope with whatever life throws at me in the best possible way.