Success Stories

Emma: For me, art is like meditation

Discover how art therapist Emma Lambdin lost over 7st and has discovered a sense of peace and wellness thanks to WW (and a little help from her sketchpad and paints).
Published 2 July, 2019


Emma’s story

Weight lost: 7st 2lb
Age: 36
WW Workshop: Church of Our Lady and St Dominic, Farnborough, Hampshire
WW Coach: Alexis Purcell


Creating calm


Nothing relaxes me more than being creative. Whether it’s applying vibrant paint on a canvas or doing a sketch of my husband Tom, art helps me to zone out and not think about anything else that’s going on in my life. Artistic ability runs in my family but unfortunately, emotional eating is also a family trait.


A healthy approach


In November 2016 I joined WW. What I discovered was that WW didn’t just help my body, it started to help my mind too. It made me think more about what it means to be happy and healthy. For instance, it helped me become aware of the fact I was often just watching TV mindlessly. Now, I’ll read, listen to a podcast, practise journalling, or follow a gentle online Pilates routine instead. But my favourite way of winding down is to get out my sketchpad and start drawing. It’s a mindful activity that draws me to the present and helps me forget the stresses of the day.


Try it yourself


Art can be therapeutic for anyone. You don’t have to be a trained artist. Just doodling and letting your mind and pencil flow freely on the page can be of benefit. Drawing patterns is a way to relax and clear the mind. You’ll find tutorials online at Zentangle. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing, try a colouring book or cutting out pictures from magazines and creating a collage. If you have kids, do some craft with them and try following their lead. However you choose to be creative, it can help you find tranquillity.