Candice wanted to feel healthy again

As a busy mum of 2, Candice wanted to get back in shape and start running marathons again!
Published 8 January, 2019

Candice, lost weight with WW Freestyle™ 

In Candice’s words:

I’m a 30 year old mother to two kids, a writer, blogger and I co-founded an initiative called Make Motherhood Diverse. After having my first child, going online and just seeing parenting as, completely white and middle-class.  I was, like, ‘Oh, no.  Black women have kids too.’  And I just want to work hard to make sure all types of mums are represented, online especially.

Before I had kids, you wouldn’t think to look at me, I’d done two marathons, one ultra and ten half marathons. I was a sucker for long distance.  After my dad died, I threw myself into long distance running. So, before then, I was as fit as a fiddle.  Then, I had kids.

I realised I wanted to lose weight just before I fell pregnant with my son.  After having my daughter, I got sepsis and was out of commission for six weeks, and lost loads of weight. But before having my son, I looked in the mirror and I was, like, ‘I do not like this.’  Then I found out I was pregnant, so that didn’t help.  But now, eight months after, I really want to get back to the person I was before my firstborn.


Wanting to feel healthy again

Changing her outlook

I didn’t choose WW. WW chose me. I had a friend who was doing WW at the time and she told me ‘This will be really helpful.

I got into it, I would admit, to lose weight, but also to feel healthy. It just got to a point where running after a four-year-old and a new-born was sending me bonkers.  And I could feel the stress on my body.  And WW is what I used to support the fact that I want to feel and look better. So, it helps me, if I’m honest, manage my very harsh sweet tooth.  I love a sweet thing. 

The amazing thing about WW is there’s nothing you can’t have. So, if I’m going out with friends, I know that I can pre-plan what I can have. I don’t need to be the one at the table only eating lettuce.  I can make sure that I reserve some of my weekly SmartPoints® allowance for that day.

It’s very flexible, and it helps you just gain structure.  Before, I never used to eat breakfast either and then I realised how that would make me crash in the afternoon and eat the whole fridge.  Now I have 6 SmartPoints in the morning. This in the afternoon and this in the evening.  And work ZeroPoint™ snacks around that. 


How Candice’s success with WW improved her life

Acting the part

I personally don’t refer to WW as a diet because it’s something I want to learn to maintain long term.  So, even the times when I was pregnant, of course I wasn’t restricting what I was eating, but the practice of WW just made me more mindful. It encourages you to keep up that practice long term. It’s not a diet. It’s an actual lifestyle change and that, for me, is the most important thing.

I have learned that I had zero understanding of portion control and I had not figured out how much sugar and processed food that I ate.  And how I let my emotions govern what was on my plate.  So, it’s about also working on my mindset and, a bit like marathon running, mindset is everything.  If that’s not in the right place, then the exercise falls out of whack. And the awesome thing about WW now is they’ve even started to build in and encourage meditation, another amazing thing.  When my kids start to drive me crazy, or I’m not getting on with my partner, I’m, like, ‘Right, everyone be quiet for ten minutes ‘because I’m going to meditate so that I don’t run for the sweetie drawer.

There’s a great space on the app called Connect, where you can literally connect with other WW members and share recipes and pictures of your food. Some people are really visual.  I’m really visual.  It’s like ‘Oh, I made a great choice today.  This is what I ate.’  Share it.  Boom.  You get lots of love.  Who doesn’t love, love?


My goals: 

Honestly, there’s a dress I want to fit back into.  Once the zip does up on that dress, I know I’m heading in the right direction.  And I want to go across that marathon line having felt tested, but still feeling strong. I don’t want to get to the end and feel, like, ‘Oh, I didn’t do my best.  I should have eaten this.  I should have trained more.’ 

I’m hoping WW can support me in the transition, literally going from couch to finish line.  Because, especially after having a baby, you’re at the baseline of fitness again.  As a woman, my body’s taken the biggest physical battering.  And then someone you love walks up to you and goes, ‘You look great.’  You don’t do that to yourself.  Someone goes, ‘Oh, my God, you look awesome,’ and that’s what I’m waiting for!