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Amanda: There’s nothing I can’t enjoy with WW

Realising that she was destroying her body with an unhealthy diet was the turning point for Amanda.
"I love how good I feel when I eat healthily while enjoying foods I love every day. Do I treat myself? Absolutely! Besides, who doesn’t love a good BLT?"
Weight Watchers member Amanda
Weight Watchers member Amanda

Start weight: 17st 4lb | Weight loss: 3st 2lb*
Current weight: 14st 2lb | Goal weight: 12st 6lb
Height: 5' 10" | Age:  48
Time taken so far: 1 year, 5 months
Studio: Aspley, Nottinghamshire
Wellness Coach: Sharon Williams

Twelve years ago,

I weighed more than 20st and was in denial. I used to say ‘I’m happy and I’ll lose weight when I’m ready,’ but I knew my health was suffering. I ended up with a serious gall bladder problem and needed surgery, but was told keyhole surgery wouldn’t be an option until I lost weight. Realising I’d destroyed part of my body with an unhealthy diet was shocking and frightening. Determined to be healthier for my son Sullivan, then six, and daughter Kyra, then three, I followed a fat-free diet to lose weight for the surgery.

But it wasn’t sustainable long-term,

so after I’d had the operation I joined WW. I didn’t want a fad diet; I wanted to change my lifestyle and stay healthy for my family’s sake. I went on to lose more than 7st. Since then my weight has fluctuated, so in September 2016 I joined again with my mum, Phyl. WW Freestyle™ came at just the right time for me. It was the back-to-basics refresh that I needed, and the focus on health is a constant reminder of why I want to lose weight – to be healthy, not just drop a dress size. I’m discovering bits of my body that I didn’t know existed (hello shoulders!) and loving who I am and seeing my body change.

My moments

‘I love how good I feel when I eat healthily while enjoying foods I love every day! Do I treat myself now and then? Absolutely. I head out to eat with my family at least once a week, and I don’t deprive myself. Besides, who doesn’t love a good BLT?’

‘I love going out to eat and when I fancy a treat, I have one. Whether I’m at a local café or an ice-cream parlour, I plan for treats by rolling over SmartPoints and saving my weeklies. It’s easy with WW Freestyle.’

‘Treating myself doesn’t stop at meals out – I do it at home too! Thanks to WW Freestyle, I’m eating more ZeroPoint™ foods like chicken, fish and pulses, so I use my SmartPoints to add extra flavour. This way, I can enjoy things like olive oil or cheese in my meals without worrying.’

‘Every day can be delicious with WW Freestyle. I love spicy food and can throw together a delicious zero SmartPoint chicken curry in no time using spices and 0% fat natural yogurt to make it creamy. I make a great lentil chilli too, which I use in enchiladas or on its own with rice.’

‘My sweet tooth used to be the bane of my life, but these days I feel so full, I barely think about unhealthy snacks. But I still eat ice cream, and sometimes make ‘fluff’ (sugar-free jelly whisked with yogurt to make a mousse-like treat!) which my members love too. There’s nothing I can’t enjoy with WW Freestyle.’

*Amanda has been following the plan since Sept 2016.