Feminine, flattering and oh-so-sexy, a dress is the ultimate way to go glam. But what is the best dress for your body type? Find out here.

To find the perfect dress for you, read these simple style tips. Article By: Janelle Magrin



If you're...PEAR SHAPED

The trick is to select styles that emphasise your best point - a long elegant waist, and disguise the parts you don't like - bigger thighs and bum.Choose a dress gently puffed at the bust and fitted around the torso to give more fullness where needed. A gently pleated skirt hides heavy legs. Think 1950s starlet/Marilyn Munroe, like this spotted shift dress.


If you're...BIG BUSTED

If you are blessed with a generous bust, the dress makes a terrific showcase for your assets! Always choose frocks with a plunging V neckline that maximises cleavage. Avoid dresses with crew necks that will make you look very top heavy. This Grecian maxi gown is flattering for a curvy figure. The V neckline maximises cleavage and the thicker straps mean you can wear a supportive bra. The draped skirt is an ideal disguise for bigger hips and legs.



Women with thicker waists are normally blessed with good legs. The solution is to choose dresses that show them off while hiding the middle section. Look to the 1960s for the ultimate figure-flattering look. This sequined tiered dress is brilliant for a thick waist. It hugs the shoulders then gently falls over the waist and hips for a slimmer shape. Plus it is short enough to show off your fabulous legs.


If you're...PETITE

A petite shape is best dressed in a plain colour with structured lines and a short hemline. A dress that sections your body will ultimately create length - don't let clothes drown you and wear prints with caution. Heels, of course, are a great finishing touch. Go for something simple and vibrant, like this red strapless dress. It defines the bust, cinches the waist and shows off the legs - everything you need to create a sexy shape.





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