Sophie lost 7st, started sleeping better and even stopped snoring!

Sophie had trouble sleeping since she was a teenager, but that all changed when she joined WW.

Hi, I’m Sophie (@sophiesplates on Instagram) and I’m taking over the blog this week to talk about sleep, and how it ties into my weight loss and wellness journey with WW.

As a teenager, a combination of an overactive mind, an unhealthy diet and general negative outlook on life really affected my sleeping pattern. I used to eat so much during the day that my stomach felt heavy and lethargic, yet I still couldn’t manage to drift off to the land of nod.

Counting sheep, rain machines (yep, that one’s true…ask my sister) and background TV noise still couldn’t help me drift off peacefully.

I also used to snore so loudly I’d wake my other half up! “I’m not snoring, I’m just a heavy breather!” I used to protest.


Joining WW transformed my sleep


It wasn’t until I joined WW (Weight Watchers) in January 2016 that I realised perhaps my unhealthy sleeping pattern was linked to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Maybe eating so much until I felt I was going to burst, not exercising during the day and sitting in front of the TV until I fell asleep wasn’t conducive to a restful night.

With the help of WW, I made time to cook healthy meals, started going to gym classes with a friend and cut down on TV time during the evenings.

Thanks to the healthy habits I’ve built during my membership, I've lost 7st and have started sleeping better as a result. 

About a year into my membership, I noticed that waking up for my 7am alarms become a breeze as I was recharged and ready to take on the day.

I looked forward to enjoying more balanced meals, cooking from scratch, giving my body the nutrients it needs, moving more during the day and resting my mind at night. Slowly but surely, I started to achieve that ‘goal’ of 8 hours sleep most nights.

And the biggest breakthrough? My boyfriend even says I’ve stopped snoring now!

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WW gives me the tools I need for a good night’s sleep


Sure, I have nights when there’s too much on my mind, I’m restless and I can’t sleep, but I feel that WW gives me the essential tools to aid a good night’s kip.

Even now and then when I struggle to sleep, I use the features on the WW app, or if I have time, I’ll go to my local yoga class or read a book – it really relaxes my body and unwinds my mind.

If like me, you’re struggling to get a decent night’s sleep, I’d suggest the following tips which really helped for me:

1. Try not to eat a very heavy meal just before bedtime

2. Avoid caffeine after 6pm

3. Take a nice hot bubble bath

4. Read a book instead of flicking on the TV

I hope you’ll find these tips useful (and if it stops the snoring, you’re very welcome)!

Sleep tight!