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Sing karaoke at home for 2 months for free!

Let’s face it. Life without online karaoke is boring. You might not know it yet, but once you’ve tried Singa at home you’ll understand!

Singa has hundreds of themed singlists to help find the right song for the right moment. You can also adjust the pitch to a level that suits your voice or turn on help vocals to guide your way from boredom to karaoke stardom. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting a new hobby, you'll feel at home with Singa.

Sing anywhere, anytime – mobile, web browser, Android TV, Apple TV, karaoke venues

Over 80 000 songs – Constantly updating library of high-quality karaoke songs from newest hits to classics

High definition background videos – Crisp and clear in screens of any size

Second screen – Upgrade your karaoke game with a bigger screen

Hundreds of themed singlists – Find the right song for every moment

Transposition – Adjust the pitch to a level that suits your voice

Help vocals – Guide your way through an unfamiliar song

Smart queue – Add more songs to the queue without stopping the karaoke party

How to Redeem

1. Go to the following page and click “Activate my offer” button.

2. Create a free account and add payment details. Offer code is added automatically. 

3. Download Singa to all your devices and sing your heart out from over 80,000 songs on your mobile, web browser or smart TV


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