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The WW guide to autumn

When you hear the crunching of leaves and spot pumpkin-flavoured everything in Starbucks, it can only mean one thing: autumn is here! From adjusting to fewer daylight hours to enjoying the freshest picks of the season (apples! pears! sweet potatoes!), we’re here to help you navigate the season in the healthiest way possible.

We called in our experts

“I hate saying goodbye to summer as much as anyone, but at the same time, I always see fall as a chance to reset. It’s the perfect time to check in on how you’re feeling right now and how you want to finish the year. And what a year it has been! Whether you’re getting back to old routines or starting new ones, it’s important to be kind to yourself. Start where you are, and shift your focus to what you can control in this moment. That may mean prioritising Sunday meal prep, trying a new seasonal veggie each week, or making time to connect with loved ones (in person or virtually). Whatever you decide, start small. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Practice builds confidence, and confidence helps you build healthier habits for the long-haul!”

—Jackie London, RD.
WW's head of nutrition & wellness

Hello, autumn aromas

Autumn is known for its rich, subtly sweet tastes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and caramelised brown sugar - flavours which pair well with in-season fruits and veggies. Tap into the power of these ingredients with one of our delectable recipes.

Don’t hit snooze on this

The arrival of autumn means the departure of those long summer days, which can sometimes leave you feeling sluggish. Since shut-eye has big effects on your wellness journey, check out these articles that can help give you tools to overcome your personal sleep roadblocks.

Pumpkin spice up your life

It’s officially time to add pumpkin to...everything! Make the most of this colourful and delicious seasonal ingredient with one of these innovative dishes.

Autumn is better with friends

Exchange autumnal recipes, go apple picking, take walks in the crisp air, and cheer each other on! Refer your friends to WW, and you’ll both get a FREE month when they join.