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Ring ring...Robbie Williams calling!

Robbie surprises some of our amazing WW members with video calls to congratulate them on their progress.

Watch some of our inspirational members from around the world catch up with global superstar and WW ambassador Robbie Williams!

Meet our inspirational members!

Michelle Roman, UK

Michelle lost 2st during lockdown whilst battling against Psoriatic Arthritis.

Her why: After being diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, Michelle became inactive, gaining weight and losing confidence. “The thought of exercise and possible pain had made me afraid to even try.” She wanted to get active for her two children.

Her lockdown journey: Michelle stuck to WW throughout lockdown by tracking everything she was eating, as well as attending a Virtual Workshop on Zoom every week.

Michelle says: “The biggest thing I've learnt is that even though I can't fully control my illness or what's happening in the outside world - and although my body, with the arthritis, may need to take it a bit slower at times - I can still get there if I try and don't give up.”

Kay Lovelady, UK

Kay has dropped from a size 22 to a size 12 during her WW journey.

Kay's lockdown journey: Kay saw lockdown as an opportunity to focus on her health and wellbeing. She lost 2st 2lb during the first national lockdown!

Setting new activity goals: Kay set herself a target to walk 10,000 steps every day. When she spoke to Robbie, she was on day 177! Kay says walking has given her more confidence and the chance to spend more time in nature.

Erin Murray, UK

Erin lost a total of 50lbs during the first national lockdown with WW.

Establishing healthy routines: Erin is a student nurse at the University of Surrey, and works at Frimley hospital as part of her training. With a busy working lifestyle, Erin turned to WW to establish a healthy routine when it came to food and fitness. She's recently started boxing, which she's absolutely loving!

Lockdown and mental health: Erin has experiences challenges with her mental health during lockdown, and says that following the WW programme has helped her through these.

Borris Brandt, Germany

Borris and his whole family lost weight with WW during lockdown.

Looking forward: Borris had something a wild past, attending many parties and living life to the max! Now he's got a family, he's looking for balance and an all-round healthier lifestyle.

Keeping it in the family: The whole family lost weight with WW during lockdown - his wife Kirsten lost 1st 8lb and his 14-year-old son Nils lost 1st 1lb. Borris himself lost 2st 2lb in lockdown. Although he says: "Men don’t calculate in weight units, they only calculate in belt holes!"

Fun fact: Borris attended Robbie’s last concert in Hamburg.

Hel Bateman, Australia

Hel loves taking care of her health and wellness, and continued to prioritise this through lockdown.

Her why: Hel lost her son Archie to a rare genetic disease when he was three years old. Despite having a tough time, she remains positive and inspiring, and always gets back on the horse.

Her WW journey: She's lost 1st 8lb so far with WW.

Fun fact: Hel and her husband are farmers, and they love country music!

Hayley Turnbull, Australia

Hayley's making amazing progress with losing the weight she gained during pregnancy.

Her why: Hayley wants to become a healthy and active mum to her baby.

Her postpartum journey: Hayley rejoined WW nine weeks after giving birth, after gaining over 2st during her pregnancy. She's gone to a Workshop every week, and has already lost almost 5lb.

WW for life: Hayley initially joined WW in July 2016 to lose weight before her wedding, and to improve her chances of pregnancy.