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Get back on track and inspired with your FREE 5-day weight loss meal plan
Our FREE, fabulous, and easy-to-follow five-day meal plan is a great step in rediscovering what WW can do for you. Every part of the plan is packed with inspiring meals for you, family, and friends to eat - which means WW is about enjoying meals, and not missing out on the food you love.

One FREE meal plan = 5 days of food, sorted

We understand that the ease of tapping your Smartphone and seeing a meal magically appear at your door can be hard to resist. But, with a little planning and support from WW, you can work different magic with the healthier ingredients in your kitchen-and that is why the 5-day FREE meal plan from WW is ideal for rebooting your WW weight loss journey.

With every meal plan recipe designed to fit right into your SmartPoints plan, that’s almost a week’s worth of tasty, satisfying food to set you on the right path to long-lasting success.

A taste of what's in store...

Here are just a few of the recipes our expert nutritionists have hand-picked for your 5-day meal plan.

Eat what you love!

  • Browse and personalise 2,000+ recipes
  • Food Barcode scanner to view SmartPoints values
  • Create your own recipes in the recipe builder
  • Save your favourite foods & recipes for fast-tracking
  • Join a Food group in Connect to share ideas
  • Restaurant database to help you make the best choices when eating out
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