Carrot and poppy seed bread

Total Time
2hr 10 min
1hr 50 min
20 min
Try your hand at making these wonderful loaves of bread – if you do them by hand you’ll burn off a few calories!


Plain White Flour

750 g, strong plain


1 teaspoons

Dried baking yeast

8 g, (1 sachet)

Skimmed Milk

300 ml


150 ml, boiling

Carrots, raw

300 g, peeled and grated

Poppy Seeds

2 tablespoons, level, plus 1 teaspoon for sprinkling

Calorie controlled cooking spray

5 spray(s)


  1. Mix the flour and salt together in a large mixing bowl, then stir in the easy-blend yeast. Make a well in the middle. Mix the milk and boiling water together to give liquid at just the right temperature for adding to the flour. Pour into the well and use your hand to gradually draw the flour into the liquid. Add the carrots and 2 tablespoons of poppy seeds, then mix well to make a smooth dough.
  2. Turn the dough on to a lightly floured surface and knead for 5-6 minutes. To knead by hand, fold the dough towards you, then push it away with the heel of your hand. Give the dough a quarter turn and keep kneading, developing a rocking rhythm until it is smooth and elastic. When kneaded, place the dough in a large clean bowl misted with low fat cooking spray. Cover with a clean cloth and stand in a warm, draught-free place to rise for about 1 hour until doubled in size.
  3. Turn the dough on to a work surface and knead lightly for 1 minute, so that it is back to its original size. This is known as “knocking back”. It eliminates large air pockets and gives a better rise and even texture to the bread.
  4. Divide the dough into 2 equal pieces and shape into rounds. Place onto baking sheets misted with low fat cooking spray and leave in a warm, draught-free place to rise for 25-30 minutes, until doubled in size. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to Gas Mark 7/220°C/425°F.
  5. Brush the loaves with water, then sprinkle with poppy seeds. Bake for 15-20 minutes, until well-risen and golden brown. Using thick oven gloves, lift the loaves from the baking sheets and turn them over. Pat the bases - they should make a hollow sound if properly cooked. If not, return to the oven to cook for another few minutes.


This recipe makes two loaves, each with 10 slices.

Start eating better than ever!