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helpful tools and useful cooking accessories at the Healthy Habits Station in your local Workshop

Welcome to the wonderful world of WW products, available in your WW Workshop!

Whether you want to lose weight or maintain, these products have been specially developed and selected to help guide you on your wellness journey. You certainly don't need to use our products - although there are times when a little helping hand can go a long way - which is why we develop the products that you find the most helpful, and have them stocked at your local Workshop for you to pick up whenever you feel the need.

All the products shown on this page are available in your WW Workshop, and will be on display when you arrive. Why not take a look while you wait for your Wellness Check-in? From chocolate bars to savoury snacks, and from cookbooks to kitchen gadgets, choose from an exciting range of products to help you build healthy habits and succeed at your wellness goals.

Plus, as you'd expect of a modern health and wellness brand, all WW food products in our UK Workshops are free from artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Pop along to see for yourself, and learn how WW products can support your weight loss and wellness journey. 


Choose from Bread Mix, Granola or even delicious Porridge (made with added Chia seeds) to liven up your breakfast times and make getting out of the door a bit easier.

Dressings & Marinades

We've got Sauces, Salad Dressings and Marinades to help you liven up those mealtimes for a few extra SmartPoints values.  Choose from Tomato & Herb Sauce, Tikka Sauce, Piri Piri Sauce or Garlic & Chive Dressings.

Ready meals

If you're looking for a quick and fuss-free meal, then look no further - our delicious ready meals are low in SmartPoints values and take a few minutes in the microwave to heat up.  Choose from Tomato & Herb Bulgar Wheat with Chicken, Chilli con Carne or Lentil Curry.

Savoury Snacking

For a crunchy, delicious snack choose your favourite from our range of savoury snacks.  Get hold of BBQ or Cheese & Onion Savoury Snacks, Lightly Salted Fava Beans, Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas or our delicious new Seasalt & Rosemary Chickpea Snacks. Yum!

Sweet Snacking

For when only a sweet snack will do, turn to our awesome range of chocolate bars, cereal bars and chocolate sticks to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Choose from Hazelnut Chocolate Sticks, Belgian Milk or Dark Chocolate, Protein Bars, Brownie Bars, Cereal Bars (in milk chocolate or dark choc & coconut)!  Delicious!


For when you're in need of some mealtime inspiration, turn to our fabulous range of WW Cookbooks.  Whether you need speedy meal solutions, love eggs, or you're a veggie there's a cookbook for you.

Kitchen & Cooking Accessories

From aprons and oven mitts, to spiralisers, rice steamers, omelette makers and even a bacon cooker, if you need a hand with whipping up heathier meals in the kitchen then we've got you covered!"
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WW products are available in your local WW Workshop™

Scrumptious biscuits,  quick salad dressings and extensive range of snack bars! All available your nearest Workshop.