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Your accountability partner, on demand

WW combines the latest in nutrition and behavioral science with a new way to help keep you on track. Virtual Group Coaching delivers ongoing inspiration and one-on-one support when you need it most, conveniently in the WW app. 


Get everything included with Digital, plus:

An exclusive, small group experience

Stay accountable in our closed in-app community, where you’ll to talk to your WW Coach and chat with members on a similar journey. You can even swap recipes, too!

A dedicated accountability partner

Throughout the week, your WW Coach will check in with you and your community in the WW app, to help you achieve your nutrition and wellness goals, cheer you on, and track your progress.

Science-backed behavior change strategies

Reach your goals with science-backed behavior change strategies that help promote weight loss and healthy habits. Learn a new one each week! 

Connect virtually with your Coach

Your WW Coach is never more than a few taps away. Through virtual messaging, they'll help you celebrate successes, troubleshoot challenges, and make progress toward your goals each week.


Reach your goals

Our science-backed techniques will teach you how to break your ultimate, big-time goals into smaller, achievable ones so you can see success on your journey, one step at a time.


Join other members

You’ll be part of a closed online group that connects regularly to develop a healthy lifestyle, share tricks and hacks, and keep you motivated and inspired.

“Meeting members where they are is the foundation of what we do. With busy schedules and long to-do lists, Virtual Group Coaching helps you make sure you find time for you.”

—Coach Rene