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A WW coach checks in with their member.
Welcome to Personal Coaching, where it really is all about YOU.

Personal Coaching: 1-2-1 support, advice, and motivation via Zoom

  • The attention and time is on you, and for you
  • Your coach keeps you accountable and focused
  • Get customised wellness goals and the tools to succeed
  • Feel connected, understood, and HEARD
  • Discover the food, activity and mindset that works for you

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Personal Coaching is all about YOU

It’s YOUR time, YOUR wellness needs, and YOUR opportunity to experience 1-2-1 attention from one of WW’s experienced coaches via Zoom.

Our team of coaches provide the 1-2-1 advice, guidance, and motivation that will enable you to reach your personal wellness goals.

You decide who you’d like to pair up with - whether that’s based on helping you make sensible food choices, stay on track with activity, or share customised meal planning ideas.

They can also answer questions on how to make the most of your PersonalPoints budget, or guide you to a helpful re-set, so you’re able to enjoy more of the food you love.

Not yet purchased your Personal Coaching pack? Head over to the WW shop now to buy your 1-2-1 sessions in a variety of pack sizes.

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Already purchased your personal coaching pack from the WW shop? Follow these steps to book that first game-changing session.

A WW coach checks in with their member.

Step 1

Browse our personal coaching coach profiles and availability and select one that suits you.

Step 2

Call WW customer services on 0345 646 1072, and follow the options straight through to our Personal coaching line to book your first session.

Step 3

Once booked, we’ll send you a confirmation email of your session with everything you need to know.

Step 4

Here’s the really good bit. Join your session, meet your Personal Coach, and begin your customised journey to long-term wellness.

Meet our personal coaches

WW Coach Anna

Anna P

"I love WW because it's a lifestyle and not a diet. I've lost 50lbs but more importantly taken control of my mental health. I enjoy empowering others to make similar changes through my role as a Coach. I want to continue to be the healthiest version of myself.

The last couple of years has shown us all that there is no price you can put on strong physical and mental health and wellbeing. And that’s my a big part of my Personal Coaching message. We can't always control what life throws at us, but we can control how we respond to it. I believe in being kind - to others but most importantly, to ourselves.”

WW Coach Cassie

Cassie R

“I joined WW after having my third baby and on a trip to a theme park with my older two , I realised I couldn't fit on the rides. Mortified, I knew I had to change and WW provided the space, plan and community to make that happen. Two years later 50lbs down I'm loving life, enjoy a healthy active profile with my family and regularly ride the theme park rides.

My Coaching philosophy is that happy people make healthier choices! I believe being in a good place (and going at a sensible pace) flows through the rest of your journey.”

WW Coach Nicky

Nicky W

“After a lifetime with of weight issues, it was a referral from my doctor that meant I could start to make positive changes. Now I’m six stone lighter, I went from being the mum that wanted to simply hide in the shadows to being confident, healthy and happy in my own skin, and looking forward to a lifetime of shared experiences and joy with my daughters.

As a Coach I focus on self-compassion. Discovering 'who we are' and not judging ourselves for it, but finding ways to manage it, is the key to lifelong change. Learning more about our relationship with food and developing a love of feeling healthier whilst we also enjoy our lives is the key to sustained change and wellbeing.”

WW Coach Janet

Janet S

“I myself joined WW following spinal surgery. The pain, recovery, and weight gain was tough - I felt that I was letting my children down, my husband down and myself down. After joining WW I took back control and reached my goal in 2016.

I’m happier and healthier when I’m at goal-weight, with far more energy for work and my family. My philosophy that I can share through Personal Coaching is to tackle things day by day, be kind to YOU, and balance is far better than perfection.”

WW Coach Rachel

Rachel F

“Having had a great Coach at a Workshop that helped me reach my own goals, I wanted to carry than on. And the pillars of WW support me not just being the best I can as a Coach, but also for my family; they love that they see me living my best life.

My message is that life is for living. WW reminded me that I can enjoy my favourite foods, drink my favorite drinks and still feel great, and I am confident that I can get members into this positive mindset through Personal Coaching.”

WW Coach AJ


“When I was at my heaviest, with low self-esteem following the birth of my second child, it was the WW community that made me feel supported. And while WW offers a plan that matches my busy lifestyle, mindset is the big part of my success that has led me to losing two stone and loving myself again.

My Personal Coaching focuses on taking one step at time. Rather than putting too much pressure on yourself, consistency is the key. This is potentially a life-changing moment, so let's enjoy our journey!”

WW Coach Donna

Donna C

"Back in 2013 I was size 24, nearly 18 stone and even walking up the stairs left me puffing. Changing my habits and behaviours with WW resulted in me reaching goal weight in 2017, losing just under 8 stone. I became a coach (and also a fitness instructor teaching yoga, Pilates among other things) and love supporting members through their challenges and goals to become the best version of themselves.

My mantra and Personal Coaching thing is about living life to the fullest. And while developing new behaviours around food and activity is important, so is showing yourself some love.”

WW Coach Danielle

Danielle S

"I’ve loved WW from the first day I walked into my Studio workshop and became part of this amazing community. Losing more than four stone was amazing and I also got ‘me back’ - the happy, healthier more confident Danielle with a non-stop life as a Coach, mum, wife, and school governor. Which is is why I know the WW personalised plan can work for everyone.

“I love that nothing is off-limits, I can have my treats whilst still maintaining a healthy balanced diet. And that’s the knowledge and motivation I can pass onto members. That and the importance of balance and how WW can help you live life to the full every day!”

WW Coach Joanne

Joanne W

“I joined WW in 2013 to get back to a healthier, happier version of me. A neurological condition had left me unable to walk and I’d gained a lot of weight. When I reached my goal I felt so proud and my confidence soared that in 2016 I became a WW Coach.

My mantra is stop aiming for always-on perfection. Small daily changes can lead to life-changing moments to be proud of, and that’s the wellness journey I would love to help with.”

WW Coach Nicola

Nicola F

"Before WW I was a ticking time bomb, with over 106lb to lose, severe high blood pressure and on the verge of being pre-diabetic. I felt the pain of being morbidly obese and needed to do something to stay alive - let alone start a family. I joined WW and learnt about not only food but about my relationship with foods. My journey was not a fast one to lose 106lb, but it’s a journey I'm most proud of.

As a Personal Coach I want to extend that so every Member has the chance to be the best version of themselves - happy, healthy and with their clear goals in sight."

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Personal Coaching Frequently Asked Questions