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13/12/2016: My Seventh Week as Weight Watchers Official Eating Officer


Hi everyone, how has your week been?

Well this week saw me stay the same on the scales for the second consecutive week, which I’m quite happy with. I’ve never gone off plan so to speak, but it was a difficult week away for me - eating out for every meal and trying hard to stay on track; so I’m glad to report I’ve finished my 2016 Official Eating Officer duties at a 47lbs loss, losing a total of 4.5lbs since starting the adventure!

This journey has taught me some significant lessons along the way about myself, my Weight Watchers journey and about eating out in general!

I’ve tried to narrow them down to three of the most important things I’ve learned, so here goes:

  1. Eating out is not as scary as you think – I used to avoid social situations where food was involved, so that my weight loss efforts wouldn’t be affected. The truth is, the social situation never affected my weight loss, it was the choices I made whilst in the situation which did. Never rid yourself of your social life – you’ll end up more miserable and crave those foods even more, but without the social aspect! And there’s no fun in that, trust me I’ve been there!
  2. Your attitude is the most powerful tool in your success – being accountable for my choices, using all of the amazing Weight Watchers tools at my disposal and remaining positive are the three most important things to my weight loss success. But mind-set and determination is something which is more powerful than anything else. Keep asking yourself ‘Why do I want to lose weight?’ Your answer should keep you going to persevere to get to those mini goals you set yourself! You are amazing. You can do this. Good things require hard work. And losing weight is hard. But Weight Watchers makes it as easy as possible for you. Just stay positive, prepared and planned! 
  3. You can eat out and lose weight – The best lesson I’ve ever learned (and proved) is that you can do it! I’ve lost 4.5lbs over the last five weeks since eating out in over 10 restaurants in 10 cities and I’m here, my fingers lighter than before tapping away on the keys to tell you this. I’ve never felt better (both physically and in confidence) - and this opportunity has opened my eyes to new cuisines, different menu choices I wouldn’t normally make and the best ways to approach eating out. Sure, there have been some venues which were challenging, but there was ALWAYS something on the menu which was SmartPoints friendly – even if I had to ask for it. Restaurants are your friend. They want to accommodate you. You are a paying customer and they want you to leave satisfied, so whether that means you have a burger with or without the bun, which won’t affect them, it will affect you. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! YOU and only you are in charge of your actions and subsequently, your eating out success!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 2016 Official Eating Officer blog updates. Hopefully I’ll be back in the New Year to tell you all about my plans for 2017 and sample some more restaurants around the country (all in the name of research LOL) – including my journey to goal, which is just 10lbs away!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 2016 Official Eating Officer blog updates. I’ll be back soon with some Christmas party season tips and hopefully you’ll see me again in 2017 as I sample some more restaurants around the country (all in the name of research LOL) and document my quest to reach goal, which is just 10lbs away!

I’m still on social media if you want to follow me on my stairway to success – eating out and enjoying every mouthful on the way, of course! Use the hashtag #WWDinesOut and let me know what you’ve been eating this week!



Back soon with my festive tips but until then, enjoy eating out!

Sophie x

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