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Ah Manchester, it’s good to be back! I lived in Stockport for a year after graduating, so I jumped at the opportunity to come back.

03/12/16 : SmartPoints, Scanning & Skinny Pizzas at Zizzi, Manchester

Ah Manchester, it’s good to be back! I lived and worked in Stockport for a year after graduating and I have fond memories of dining in the city, so I jumped at the opportunity to come back and conduct my ninth #WWDinesOut review!

Eating out while following Weight Watchers can feel daunting at first, but don’t worry - with restaurants such as Zizzi featuring in the Weight Watchers Eating Out Guide and on the app, it takes away the nervousness. Zizzi is one of my favourite Italian chain restaurants (they have Skinny Prosecco on their menu) and I want to show you how stress free and consistent eating out can be.

We dined in the King Street branch of Zizzi on a cold November afternoon. The building is absolutely gorgeous (it was originally the Lloyds Bank building), with huge high Edwardian stone ceilings and a roof adorned with beautiful stained glass. A perfect venue for a catch up with friends or a romantic date! They were also decorating for Christmas, which gave this place another authentic touch. 

As the waitress passed us the menus, I already knew what I was going to order for my main course, (Skinny Pollo Roquito Pizza). I always opt for this as it’s a failsafe SmartPoints choice at 15SP, it’s really tasty and it’s less than 500 calories for a decent size pizza! I had a browse through the new Winter menu, (just so I know I definitely made the right choice) and I noticed the Toscana Soup for starter. It was described like a minestrone soup, with the addition of quinoa (something I’ve tried but failed to enjoy). It was also served with a slice of cheese garlic bread on the side. I’d only had a 2SP breakfast, so had plenty of points to say yes to this gorgeous sounding starter!


The soup was absolutely beautiful, full of chunky veg and spicy tomato flavours and could’ve quite easily been a main course if I’m being honest. I decided to dunk my slice of cheesy oozy bread and eat half of the soup at a guesstimate of 10SP in anticipation for my main. Being able to have a little bit of what you fancy is why Weight Watchers is so great!

As you’ve probably realised by now, I don’t like spending SmartPoints on soft drinks, so it was a Diet Coke for me to wash it all down, and this is how Zizzi fitted into my daily SP diary:-



Danone Light & Free Greek Yoghurt - 2SP

Blueberries - 0SP

Blackberries - 0SP

Strawberries -  0SP

Total - 2SP



Zizzi Toscana Soup - 10SP

Zizzi Skinny Pollo Roquito – 15SP

Diet Coke x 2 – 0SP

Total – 25SP



2 Egg Omelette with Wafer Thin Ham & Peppers – 5SP

Salad – 0SP

Reduced Fat Coleslaw – 2SP

Total – 7SP


Daily Allowance Used: 34SP

Daily Allowance Remaining: 0SP

Weekly Allowance Remaining: 30SP

I’m over the moon I managed to eat out for lunch, enjoy breakfast and dinner and stay within my daily allowance! Zizzi is really a fantastic place to eat out for people following Weight Watchers or generally just trying to eat a bit healthier. The menu is easy to navigate – with dishes less than 500 calories clearly marked and the word ‘skinny’ to help you make sensible choices.

Don’t like pizza? Don’t panic! You can order ½ portions of pasta and a classic Spaghetti Bolognese comes in at 16SP. Your SmartPoints really stretch here at Zizzi and the side salad comes without oils or sauces on request – every SmartPoint counts!

Fancy something sweet? Zizzi gelato is only 3SP per scoop – perfect to alleviate the craving from the dessert devil on your shoulder!

Zizzi 100% gets my Weight Watchers Dines Out Stamp of Approval!  The only question is when can I come back and sample some more of that gorgeous Toscana Soup?!

My tenth stop on my #WWDinesOut tour is Chinese food in Birmingham! Want to follow me on my journey? Click on my social media channels below!



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Have a great week and I’ll speak to you all soon!

Sophie x


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