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This was my first time eating out at a Thai restaurant since joining Weight Watchers back in January.

30/11/16 : Celebrations & Occasion Eating in Sukhothai, Leeds

What’s your favourite reason to eat out? To try new things? To visit new places?  To save on the washing up? I love eating out for all of these reasons; but when it’s a special occasion I enjoy it even more!

This week it was my friend’s birthday and six of us had planned a girly get together in Leeds. I thought a Thai meal at Sukhothai on South Parade for a birthday treat might go down nicely too. As I’m the only one following Weight Watchers, I was also keen to prove to my friends that you can still enjoy a meal out just as much as anyone else and that you don’t have to feel restricted or left out when eating out for a special occasion! 

I’d checked the menu beforehand online, but I’ve got to say there is a bamboozling amount of choice, which didn’t really help my indecisive nature! One of my friends (who’s vegetarian), was pleasantly surprised with the two pages dedicated to veggie dishes. With 25 of my daily SmartPoints remaining as well as a full batch of my weekly allowance SmartPoints, I agreed with the rest of my party to go for both a starter and main (and avoid the deep fried Prawn Crackers to nibble on while I decided on what to have - result)!


I’m a sucker for all things spicy, so I went for the Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup to start proceedings. It was, as you’d probably guessed, incredibly hot and I could only manage half of the large portion, which contained chili in the broth and fresh chills to garnish. It was packed full of fiery flavour and definitely worth the 4SP I’d guesstimated the soup to be.

Thai food is known for often using a lot of coconut milk and cream, which is full of SmartPoints. However, it’s not hard to find courses on this menu that are full of fresh, vibrant vegetables and you have the choice of lean grilled meats such as chicken and seafood, or if you prefer, roasted duck or beef. I chose the Thai Red style Chicken with Mushrooms and Green Beans. I didn’t realise how high in SmartPoints this would be, but after speaking to Weight Watchers for a guesstimate, they told me it was 23SP for the full portion (good job I’ve got my weeklies)! The chicken came piled high with crunchy vegetables, peppers and a little bit of spicy curry sauce. I really enjoyed this, but again – I could only eat half of what was put in front of me! As I’m progressing through my Weight Watchers journey, I’m realising that my appetite is not as big as it used to be. I used to hate leaving food, but now when I’m comfortably full, I stop eating. It’s unsettling at first, but I’m learning when my body is full, rather than my mind telling me to keep going!

We ordered sticky jasmine rice and noodles for the table. I had a spoonful of each which I guesstimated at 5SP. My trick was not to overindulge on the ‘carb’ side orders – so I also ordered my own side of 0SP steamed vegetables to resist any temptation. I mixed them with my Thai Red Chicken and they were crunchy, fresh and tasty.


As it was a birthday, we also ordered a bottle of prosecco for the table. At 4SP a glass, it’s something I don’t normally drink (I usually drink 0SP Diet Coke with a meal), but as it was a special occasion, I factored it within my weekly allowance and enjoyed some fizz with my food! 

So, here’s how my trip to Sukhothai fitted into my daily food diary:-


2 Slices Weight Watchers Danish Toast - 2SP

1 tsp Lurpak Lightest - 1SP

Skinny Latte - 3SP

Total - 6SP


Popcorn Chicken Bites (4) – 6SP

Diet Coke – 0SP

Banana – 0SP

Apple – 0SP

Total – 6SP


Hot & Sour Soup – 4SP

Thai Red Chicken – 23SP

2 tbsp Jasmine Rice – 3SP

1 tbsp Soft Noodles – 2SP

1 Medium Glass Prosecco – 4SP

Total - 36SP

Daily Allowance Used: 34SP

Daily Allowance Remaining: -14SP

Weekly Allowance Remaining: 30SP

Thai food is something I wouldn’t necessarily choose if I had the option of eating out (I used my entire daily allowance on my starter and main), but it’s by no means a cuisine which I’d regard as a no-go for a special treat. For a starter, if you’re short on SmartPoints, swap fatty prawn crackers for grilled chicken skewers or soup. For main courses I’d suggest going for lean meats/vegetable based dishes which aren’t creamy or curry based and ask for steamed rice instead of fried.

I would definitely give this restaurant my Weight Watchers Stamp of Approval. The only criticism is that there’s far too much choice on the menu – it’s often tempting to change your mind several times! Perhaps creating a section on the menu called ‘lighter choices’ might make it easier to differentiate the sensible choices, from the more calorific ones.

Next stop on my #WWDinesOut tour of the UK is Manchester and I’m dining in a chain which is in our Eating out Guide – Zizzi!


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