Weight Watchers Official Eating Officer

Exercise isn’t something I dread, it’s a stress buster for me, so I’m looking forward to feeling the burn again in the run up to Christmas!

21/11/2016 : My Fourth Week as Official Eating Officer

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

Well, this week saw a bit of an unwanted surprise on the scales for me – I gained 1lb last week :(

I’ve got to admit, it came as a bit of a shock to me as I’ve been super cautious with my tracking (especially with this new role – still 2.5lbs down since starting #WWDinesOut and 45lbs lost since January) and I haven’t gone over my weeklies either. But as a woman, I do tend to get hit with a small unwelcome gain once a month, so this could be the explanation!

One thing I know I haven’t managed to do enough of last week is exercise. I’m sure a lot of you will relate, there are always reasons (excuses) why we haven’t managed to do something – and my excuse for not exercising is that I have been extremely busy with a huge project in my day job, which as a result has taken up a lot of my time and energy. But this is just an excuse and I want to be able to say next week – ‘I did that’ rather than ‘I thought about doing that’. Which is why just before I sat down to write this blog, I purposely blew the cobwebs from my trainers, packed my gym bag and I’m heading there straight from work tonight. But I really, really want my weight loss!

Exercise isn’t something I dread, it’s a stress buster for me, so I’m looking forward to feeling the burn again in the run up to Christmas! Even if you’re not a gym bunny, can you find something you can do differently which will result in a loss at the scales? Maybe walking to your meeting or finding a new activity that pushes your boundaries? There’s no better feeling than achieving something outside of your comfort zone and I’m sure my gym trip tonight will make me feel better than I did yesterday.

My mini goal is to lose 5lbs before Christmas (and I’ve got 11lbs to go until I hit my actual goal), so my willpower isn’t lacking. For me it’s about turning that thinking and wanting into knowing and doing. Yes, life does sometimes get in the way, but the reassuring thing is that Weight Watchers knows this – the plan is built around our lifestyles – we just have to be 100% honest with ourselves and think about what we could be doing better I suppose. 

I’m also very hard on myself and self-critical, which can sometimes be a good and a bad thing! I realise I’m still on my journey to goal, which means I’ve got a lot to learn and I’m not quite there yet…and that’s okay! Success is so much more than the number on the scales, it’s just one part of the overall healthy lifestyle equation – and being 80% of the way there is better than 0%!

So, as I hop on the treadmill tonight, I’ll be thinking of my weight loss goal and I will run that bit faster to make sure I get there!

Although I didn't get the result I wanted at the scales, there were three things off the scales which made me feel really good about myself:-

1) Weight Loss compliments: I've received more compliments this week on my weight loss than ever before, which is making me feel a lot more confident about myself! Some of my friends I haven't seen for months had really noticed a difference in me this week, which made me feel really, really good!

2) NSV Ring Shopping: Another small NSV (non scale victory) I had this week, was ring shopping for Christmas. Rewind to this time last year and no rings from high street shops would ever fit my fingers, but this week that all changed and I could pick and choose rings which I liked! I know this is so random, but it's the little things which all add up!

3) My Leader: My leader Sharon continues to give me pep talks and support whenever I need it, even outside of meetings (she came along to one of my restaurant reviews last week). She is living proof and understands that a Weight Watchers journey isn't all plain sailing, but always gives you inspiration, motivation and support to keep going. My meetings definitely keep me on track and I've got my fantastic leader to thank for that!

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Have a great week, WE CAN & WE WILL DO THIS!

Sophie x


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