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Byron Hamburgers was the restaurant chain of choice. Just a stone’s throw from the main shopping street in the city centre.

17/11/16 : Burgers Aren’t Off Limits at Byron!

Hi everyone! How’s your week going?


This weekend I travelled North to a very chilly Glasgow on a mission to start some all-important Christmas shopping and enjoy some fantastic food– how is Christmas just ONE MONTH away?! Time is really flying this year!

Aware I was planning a full day of strolling and splurging, I wanted to factor in a meal which was filling and satisfying. Since starting this dining out journey, I’ve wanted to tackle the stereotypical ‘food faux pas’ of the weight loss world – the humble burger – so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a shopping pit stop and to fuel for the day.

Byron Hamburgers was the restaurant chain of choice. Just a stone’s throw from the main shopping street in the city centre, it’s a great location to refuel after a hard day of retail therapy. I have eaten at one of their restaurants before, but never with Weight Watchers in mind, so I was excited to see how it stacked up in comparison to other eating out options.


The place itself is very modern. Byron has recently had a bit of a brand overhaul and it’s clear to see since the last time I ate here. Think uber trendy burger spot, with industrial lights dangling over marble topped booths with funky background music and brashly coloured walls. This definitely isn’t your average burger joint. There’s been a lot of thought with the décor and I was eager to see whether this translated onto the menu.

As I browsed the menu (with a 0SP Diet Irn Bru in hand – when in Glasgow…), I was pleasantly surprised to see that they’ve kept the classics in addition to some limited edition ‘novelty’ burgers. I like the fact that there’s not too much choice here as it helps when it comes to making informed choices. I’d already chosen what I wanted after scouring the menu the night before, and opted for a Classic Chicken Burger, which could be served ‘Naked’, or with a bun. With 22SP left for the day, I was happy to go for a bun, which came in at 12SP. The burger was juicy, with lots of marinated chicken, onions and lettuce and a big pickle (my guilty pleasure) on the side.


WEIGHT WATCHERS GOLD: I love the fact that any burger can be served naked, with a side salad replacement at no extra cost. This is a fantastic, flexible choice for people who are being mindful with their food!

Any burger needs a sidekick, so I chose a simple Side Salad (2SP for dressing) and Courgette Fries. Now, these were something I was looking forward to trying but unsure of how they were going to be served. I’ve got to admit they were extremely greasy (to the point of inedible) as they were cut into thin ribbons and didn’t really have much taste apart from oil if I’m honest. I left the rest and shared my friend’s sweet potato fries instead for a reasonable (and much more satisfying) 6SP.


What better way to make a burger more fancy than with a glass or two of wine? I enjoyed two medium glasses of Pinot Grigio Rose Wine for 11SP, which meant I was dipping into my weekly allowance, but my no means overindulging myself! I see my weekly allowance as my buffer – how you choose to use your buffer is up to you. I’d planned my entire week ahead, so I know I’m sticking within my daily allowance until my weigh in on Thursday!


What actually surprised me at Byron is that you can have virtually every burger on the menu for less than 20 SmartPoints, which I think is great value for SmartPoints and money if you compare it to a typical burger from a fast food chain. This is not somewhere I’d come all the time; not because I don’t enjoy it, but because it somehow feels like a treat and transforms a fast food staple into feeling more like a ‘meal out’. These are burgers done properly and there’s no need to rush in and out. Fresh ingredients, fresh atmosphere and a fresh new look is a summary of Byron for me!

So, how did my Byron trip fit into my daily food diary?



1 Rasher bacon – 1SP

1 Medium Pork Sausage – 4SP

Grilled Tomato – 0SP

Dry Fried Mushrooms – 0SP

Scrambled Egg – 2SP

1 Medium Glass of Orange Juice – 5SP

Tea – 0SP

Total – 12SP



Classic Chicken Burger in Bun – 12SP

½ portion Sweet Potato Fries – 6SP

Side Salad – 2SP

2 Medium Glasses Rose Wine – 11SP

1 Diet Irn Bru – 0SP

Total – 31SP



Wafer thin chicken – 1SP

Mixed Salad – 0SP

Warburtons Wholemeal Thin – 3SP

Apple – 0SP

Strawberries – 0SP

Melon Fingers – 0SP

Total - 4SP


Daily Allowance Used: 34SP

Daily Allowance Remaining: -9SP

Weekly Allowance Remaining: 0SP


To be honest, if I didn’t have the two glasses of rose wine, I would have stayed within my daily allowance, but having the buffer of my weeklies allowed me to relax a little more and enjoy my wine and amazing burger! 

So, if you find yourself hungry and tired after all this Christmas shopping prep, Byron should definitely be on your list! Prices are reasonable, portions are SmartPoints friendly and there’s always the option to go naked – I’m talking about the burgers of course!


This place 100% gets my Weight Watchers Stamp of Approval!


Next stop is not so far from home in my favourite city of Newcastle! Want to see how I get on in the Toon? Don’t forget to follow me on my social channels and using the hashtag #WWDinesOut!




​Byron Burgers 



Enjoy the rest of your week!


Speak soon!

Sophie x

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