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14/11/16 : My third week as Official Eating Officer!


Good morning all.


How have your weeks been? Well, I had my weigh in on Thursday and I maintained my 46lbs loss and stayed the same on the scales – a result which I’m totally happy with and I’ve lost 3 ½lbs in total since taking on my new role.

I’m happy because I know I’m trying my best in my #WWDinesOut role, happy because I know I’m helping other people on their weight loss journeys through my blogs and social media updates and even happier because my maintain result proves that we’re all human!

This will be my first Christmas on the SmartPoints plan, and thankfully, I’m not totally dreading it.

Yes, sometimes we do stick to plan and sometimes our bodies need a little more time to catch up. But the results we deserve will come in time, we’ve just got to be patient and not obsess too much over the number on the scales.

I’ve jotted down the three things besides the number on the scales that are keeping me positive this week:-


  • I’ve eaten out twice this week – travelling to Glasgow and Newcastle sampling some delicious, SmartPoints friendly options – including burgers and steak…and not put on weight!
  • I’ve got a weekend in Leeds with my girls to look forward



I’m absolutely over the moon; I now comfortably fit into a size 14! This is a huge deal for me, starting this year in a size 20 dress for work! It took a while to notice at the beginning, even after losing 30lbs I didn’t drop a dress size, but if you’re in a similar situation, it will come - trust me!


Preparing for the weekend

So, this weekend I’m going to Leeds for my friend’s birthday. I will also be eating out at a Thai restaurant and there will no doubt be alcohol involved. My plan is to keep my weeklies for the alcohol and my dailies for the food choices. I’m also going to stick to drinks which have a low SmartPoints values, such as vodka & diet coke, vodka & diet lemonade and avoid heavy, sugar filled drinks like fruit ciders, wines and prosecco. Walking from bar to bar will also earn me some much-needed FitPoints this week!

I’m then travelling to Manchester on Sunday to do a little Christmas shopping (and sample the light choice menu at Zizzi, all in the name of research of course)! Holidays are coming and I can’t wait, it’s my favourite time of year.


Planning for Christmas


This will be my first Christmas on the SmartPoints plan. Thankfully, I’m not totally dreading it and I’m pretty confident I can enjoy myself and not overindulge. I’m also looking to ramp up my exercise levels over the Christmas holidays. I’m also glad to know that my Weight Watchers meetings aren’t affected over the festive period – so that will give me the kick I need if I feel myself flagging.


Any sweets/boxes of chocolates I’m given as gifts will be re-wrapped straight away and given to friends and family not following the plan. Temptation is best when it’s out of sight!


Above anything else, I’m going to enjoy Christmas. It’s the one time of year I’m off work and I will give myself some flexibility to enjoy things that I take as a novelty. On Christmas Day, I’ll be tucking into a delicious turkey dinner courtesy of my Mam (with plenty 0SP veggies) and I’ll be toasting with my family with a glass of bubbly! Boxing Day is the day to get back on track too. It is just one day after all, and I’m three dress sizes smaller than I was this time last year and I’m in a really happy place.


Have you got any tips to stay on track in time for Christmas? Let me know and follow me on my #WWDinesOut journey by adding me on my social media channels!



Have a great week and speak soon!

Sophie x

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