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08/11/2016 : My second week as Official Eating Officer


Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a really great week.  


This is my second week in the role of what is arguably the best job in the world (I’m a bit biased), and it’s just got even better, as 2.5lbs came off at the scales this week, taking my total weight loss to 46lbs!

All of this has been achieved whilst eating out at least twice a week, proving that you don’t have to avoid social eating in a bid to lose weight. This means since starting my #WWDinesOut mission, I’ve lost 3.5lbs! Half of half a stone sounds better though doesn’t it?!

This is your journey and you need to enjoy life at the same time, which is what I’m hoping this blog will help you realise!

This experience has helped me learn a lot of things I didn’t know about myself. I sat down last night and jotted three things down which I’ve learned over the last fortnight:-


1. My family and friends are a fantastic support network – keep them close by and share your successes, stresses and concerns with them. A problem shared is a problem halved. I’m so grateful for mine. My Weight Watchers family at my meeting is also just as important. I make sure I go to class every Thursday and my leader, Sharon is a great support, fully understands my journey and spurs me on to push myself and achieve more as a successful Weight Watchers member.

2. Eating Out really isn’t that scary – this week I’ve had a Greggs on the road, braved a fish & chip restaurant (with proper chips) and even tucked into tapas, making sensible, informed choices along the way and lost weight as a result. The secret? Honest tracking! Don’t underestimate the power of tracking with total honesty. Pen and paper, the Weight Watchers app or even on the back of your hand! Whatever works for you, keep doing it. Tracking is probably the second most important tool to use throughout your journey. If you are unsure about anything on the menu, just ask for things differently. All the restaurants I’ve been to are surprisingly accommodating and cook things exactly to your taste, portion size and requirements.

3. Your mindset is your most important weight loss tool – this is probably what I’ve learned most over the last couple of weeks. You can have all the tools in the world required to do the job, but you need to really WANT to do the job before attempting it. Having a positive mindset and realistic attitude is something I’m really proud of and I doubt I’d be having as much success if I wasn’t doing this with a smile on my face! Changing your phrasing to ‘I will’ instead of ‘I want’ is something my leader promotes. So, this week I WILL eat out, I WILL lose weight and I WILL be happy with my choices. Makes the difference doesn’t it?

So as mentioned, I’ve lost 2.5lbs this week, taking my total to 46lbs lost (3st 4lbs) since January! I’m over the moon and I’m at the lightest weight I’ve ever been, which makes me feel incredible. I’ve received some really lovely comments from friends, family and supportive strangers who I hope will become part of this #WWDinesOut journey with me. I even received a beautiful bunch of flowers from one of my friends and they really put a smile on my face! It’s the little things which matter most. 

But like with any life changing decision, it isn’t always plain sailing! Here’s what I’ve found challenging and rewarding this week.

My struggle this week:-

  • Taking compliments – I’ve always been a bit of a chatterbox and use that to hide my insecurities. I still find it really hard to take a compliment! I shrug it off with a ‘Don’t be silly’, but I’m getting there! This week I WILL work on my self-confidence .

My high this week:-

  • Receiving compliments – this week I visited my family in Nottingham who I haven’t seen for over a year. They noticed a real change in me (my weight and my overall happiness) and their lovely comments did make me feel really good (even if I didn’t know how to take them)!


What have you found particularly challenging this week? Remember, losing weight isn’t always a straight road. It’s one with loops, bends, traffic lights, diversions, jams, high speed motorways and sometimes slow country lanes. Lose weight and enjoy life at your pace! This is your journey and you need to enjoy life at the same time, which is what I’m hoping this blog will help you realise!

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Have a great week!



Sophie x

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