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02/11/16 : Dates & Co at Plates & Co!


Hi everyone! I’m writing this blog post exactly 333 miles from my home in the seaside city of Bournemouth! I’ve travelled here with my other half to enjoy a romantic weekend and a much anticipated date night.

Date nights mean I get to combine two of my favourite things in the world – good food and even better company! They also tend to be a bit more relaxed when it comes to my SmartPoints choices.

As my boyfriend works away, our date nights are very few and far between (I’m sure many of you can relate), so I just like to unwind, relax and not worry too much about the SmartPoints. Life is for living after all and Weight Watchers promotes a little bit of what you fancy in moderation!

Date nights mean I get to combine two of my favourite things in the world – good food and even better company!


The restaurant of choice was Plates & Co. As we pulled up to an old church building, I thought we were lost, but it turns out the restaurant actually populates the first floor of an old church building! Stained glass windows, exposed brick and quaint woodwork still remain, which gives this place fantastic character. The kitchen is open for diners to see and the place was absolutely buzzing with couples and groups alike.  


As we pulled up a pew (literally) there was plenty of choice when it came to the menus. There was an option to choose from the Á La Carte, or from two set menus. We both chose to eat from the set menu, as it seemed great value for money. Sometimes set menus consist of what I would class as ‘cheaper’ options, but the set menu mirrored the Á La Carte.



Armed with a full set of weekly SmartPoints and aware that this was my only night out of the week planned, I made more relaxed choices in comparison to usual. This didn’t make me a failure or unsuccessful, quite the opposite. Knowing I CAN eat out and still lose weight means I’m 100% in control of my Weight Watchers journey and it’s working so far - 43lbs down and counting since January!


I ordered the Broccoli Soup starter and my boyfriend chose the Pork Terrine and Pickled Onions. As the portion size of the starter was relatively small, I guesstimated my soup at 9SP. No bread basket meant I wasn’t tempted to overindulge while I was waiting; this would have only filled me up and wasted precious SmartPoints. Beware of the bread basket curse!



For main course, I opted for the Shin of Beef cooked in Black Treacle with a baked Sweet Potato, Roast Carrots and Horseradish. Yum! This strangely reminded me of a Sunday Roast cooked on a barbecue. The flavours were intense and the portions were very, very generous. So much so, I begrudgingly gave some of my beef to the other half! The sweet potato was absolutely gorgeous. You could have given me a plate of those and I’d have been a happy customer.

I tracked my main as 14SP as I didn’t eat a lot of my beef, the sweet potato was chargrilled as opposed to roasted or fried and I was still well within my daily SmartPoints allowance.

My other half practically inhaled his Pork Loin with Peppercorn Sauce! One minute you saw it, next minute it was gone! So far, so good and I did have weeklies left to peruse the dessert menu…


It’s the part of the meal I dread as I usually resist the temptation of dessert, but I knew I had plenty of weeklies remaining. To celebrate this rare feat, I ordered the Chocolate Pudding with Cherries, which was divine and just the right amount for me. I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth (give me a packet of crisps over a bar of chocolate any day), but tonight I really fancied something sweet and it satisfied a craving I’ve had for weeks! At a guesstimate of 23SP, it definitely wasn’t the most SmartPoints friendly choice, but as it was all accounted for and I finished the meal feeling full, satisfied and most importantly, really happy!

So, here’s how Plates & Co. fitted in with my SmartPoints allowance: -

Sophie’s Daily SP Allowance: 35SP

Sophie’s Remaining Weekly Allowance: 42SP


  • WW Yoghurt – 2SP
  • Banana – 0SP
  • Tsp Honey – 1SP

Total – 3SP


  • Weight Watchers from Heinz Mexican Chicken with Rice – 10SP
  • Old El Paso Soft Taco Boat – 2SP

Total – 12SP


  • Broccoli Soup with ½ slice Bread & 1/2 tsp Butter – 9SP
  • Shin of Beef with Sweet Potato, Roast Carrots and Horseradish – 14SP
  • Chocolate Pudding with Cherries – 23SP
  • 2 Medium Glasses of Rose Wine – 11SP

Guesstimate – 57SP

Daily Allowance Used: 35SP

Weekly Allowance Used: 41SP

Daily Allowance Remaining: 0SP

Weekly Allowance Remaining: 1SP


I would definitely return to Plates & Co if I came back to Bournemouth. The whole restaurant had a vibe appealing to diners of all ages and the décor was charming. It’s refreshing to see a landmark so traditional resurrected back to life and this place is a hidden gem in this sleepy seaside town.


The food was delicious and well worth another visit, however, if I’m being honest, I feel the menu choices aren’t particularly friendly for us fellow Weight Watchers. But on the rare occasion you find yourself with a full set of weeklies you’re willing to sacrifice, this place should definitely be on your list!


Next on my #WWDinesOut journey is date night in Brighton! Want to see how that fares up? Follow me on my social media channels and use the hashtag #WWDinesOut and let me know where you’ve been for a date night that ticks the Weight Watchers boxes!




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Have a great week and speak soon!

Sophie x


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