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26/10/2016 : My Weight Watchers journey so far


Hi there fellow Weight Watchers, food lovers and eating out enthusiasts!
My name is Sophie and I’m absolutely overjoyed and overwhelmed to have been chosen as the Weight Watchers first Official Eating Officer! 

Food and eating out has always been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember – it’s a social thing above anything. It’s a chance to catch up with friends after work, bring together the family for a celebration, or simply a great excuse to escape the same four walls of your kitchen or the lonely light that greets you in your empty fridge! 

I’m absolutely overjoyed and overwhelmed to have been chosen as the Weight Watchers first Official Eating Officer!

I always find an excuse to eat out as I adore trying new things, visiting new places, enjoying great company – and I’m so happy to have found a programme that allows me to do that and  lose weight at the same time! I’m here to show you that with Weight Watchers, losing weight doesn’t need to cost you your social life.

Food has never just been ‘food’ to me. Don’t get me wrong I was always a happy child with bags of energy, but as a teenager, food became an obsession and I knew it was an unhealthy one which was impacting my health. I watched all of my friends at school with bags of adolescent confidence receiving attention from boys, buying beautiful dresses for prom and I couldn’t do that. I was known as the ‘funny’ one at school – using humour and self-depreciation to make others laugh, hiding my inner insecurities.

By the time I left school I was a size 26 and I even got turned away from one prom dress shop as ‘they didn’t cater for girls my size’. That really hurt. It still does when I think about it! I’d love to saunter back into that shop now like Pretty Woman in my size 14 dress to show them what they’re missing, but we’ll leave that for another blog…

I first joined Weight Watchers in September 2007 aged 16, weighing 19st 13lbs. My world had crumbled, but I was ready to do something about it. I fell in love with the flexibility of the Weight Watchers plan and in a very short amount of time I lost five stone and got down to a size 16. I still ate out, went for drinks with friends and enjoyed a Chinese takeaway on a Sunday evening to cure my many student hangovers! I loved the plan - it was and still is very liveable. How you choose to spend your points allowance is entirely up to you.

Fast forward 10 years and I re-joined Weight Watchers in January 2016 weighing 17st 9lbs. The weight started to creep back on after leaving my class in 2011, convinced I could go it alone without the support of my weekly meeting and leader. I was wrong. I knew I needed to go back to Weight Watchers to regain the control, confidence and happiness I had before and I’ve found a leader who understands and fully supports my journey. The SmartPoints plan is fantastic and I can honestly say it 100% fits into my hectic lifestyle. I have a high pressured job, a lot of friends and family around me and my boyfriend works away, meaning I juggle my time a lot – so having something constant like the SmartPoints plan keeps me on track and I’m just over three stone lighter as a result!

Your social life doesn’t have to stop because you’re losing weight. I don’t see Weight Watchers as a diet – I see it as a complete lifestyle change – making you more aware of healthy food choices as well as highlighting the importance of looking after both your body and mind. Yes, there are situations in life we can’t control – but I can control my happiness; so why rid yourself of the things you enjoy doing? That restriction mentality will only have adverse effects!

So here it goes – my new eating out adventure!

I hope you’ll all follow me on my journey to show you that eating out and socialising is still very doable and enjoyable with Weight Watchers. This is all about eating, moving and smiling and I’m sure I’ll be doing all of these things in the weeks to come as the Weight Watchers Official Eating Officer!  

Speak soon!

Sophie x


Follow me on my Weight Watchers Dines Out journey. First stop, London!



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