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Introducing myWW

 Try our NEW customised programme and make weight loss easier for you

Take a personal assessment and get matched to a customised plan that suits you.

Try our NEW customised programme and make weight loss easier for you


Just fill out a simple assessment and get matched to one of our three colour-coded weight loss plans.

  • You’ll get a daily ‘SmartPoints’ allowance to ‘spend’ on any foods you like.
  • You’ll also get at least 100 ‘ZeroPoint’ foods to choose from. They’re foods that don’t need to be weighed, measured or counted. You never have to go hungry!
  • You can also ‘rollover’ up to 4 of your daily SmartPoints every day, if you really wanted to indulge at the weekend (or any other day)!


Join now and get 50% off the 3 month plan* Pay £0 upfront

One programme three ways.
What our members have to say...

Why Joe loves myWW Blue


WW has helped me find a plan that works for my lifestyle. On Blue I can still snack, eat out and have drinks with friends.
How Helen’s life has changed since joining myWW Purple

I love that I can have carbs for 0 SmartPoints on Purple - like wholemeal pasta, brown rice and potatoes. Building my meals around these keeps me fuller for longer.
Why myWW Green is Brittany’s perfect fit
Why myWW Green is Brittany’s perfect fit Green is perfect for me because its so versatile. I love a wide range of foods and on Green I can cook hearty meals, eat out and have dessert!


Included in our Workshop & Digital membership:

  1. Award winning app 
  2. Track your food, activity and weight loss
  3. Barcode scanner to make food shopping easy
  4. 1000s of delicious recipes and food inspiration
  5. 24/7 live chat with a Coach

What works well for one person may not work well for another.

That’s why our groundbreaking new myWW programme is customised for you. Unlock your weight-loss plan by taking a personal assessment. No guesswork!


Two ways to join WW

WW app and inspirational social community to help you achieve your weight loss goals.
Workshop + Digital
All the benefits of Digital, along with face-to-face weight loss support at a Workshop from an expert WW Coach.