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Mental health awareness

With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem every year, mental health awareness is increasingly important. Scroll down to get stuck into our mental health hub.

October 10th is World Mental Health Day 


What is mental health?


Mental health refers to our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel, and act, including our self-esteem, the decisions we make every day and how we interact with others. 


Why is mental wellbeing important?


Being in a good state of mind means you’re better equipped to deal with stress and day-to-day situations. You’re also likely to feel happier, more confident and be more productive. 

Your mental health is connected to your physical health. For example, symptoms of depression include lack of energy and changes in appetite, and anxiety symptoms include feeling lightheaded and short of breath.

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What can trigger a shift in mental health?


Your mental state is changeable, and can be different from moment to moment. It might dip due to stress, worry, a relationship, work issues, or sometimes the reason is less obvious. It can be helpful to keep a journal when you’re feeling down to help you discover what triggers a low mental state.

What is seasonal affective disorder?


Mental health statistics


This World Mental Health Day, the focus is on suicide prevention. Every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide. Suicide has a ripple effect that impacts families, friends, colleagues and communities - but it is preventable. Learn more about preventing suicide. If you’re struggling or know someone who is, you can call one of these numbers for help, and find information about what to do in an emergency.

According to Mind, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem each year. A survey is carried out in England every seven years to measure the number of people who experience different types of mental health problems. It was last published in 2016 and reported the following figures:

  • Generalised anxiety disorder: 5.9 in 100 people
  • Depression: 3.3 in 100 people
  • Mixed anxiety and depression: 7.8 in 100 people
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): 4.4 in 100 people
  • OCD: 1.3 in 100 people
  • Panic disorder: 0.6 in 100 people


Mental health services 



WW and mental health


The way you think drives the things you do. That’s why WW taps into the science of behaviour change, providing proven strategies that guide you towards a helpful mindset.

WW has decades of experience in the science of behaviour change, and we’re using it to give people the tools they need to achieve their wellness goals.

When it comes to your mental wellbeing, there’s plenty of support on the WW programme, including weekly in-person Workshops, our online social community Connect and our innovative WellnessWins™ rewards programme. Track your meals, weight and activity to earn ‘Wins’ and receive FREE rewards like:

  • Headspace 90-day starter membership
  • “Positive vibes only” yoga mat
  • 5 free day passes at The Gym
  • Cosy sleep set
  • “My story” journal
  • The opportunity to donate your Wins to someone in need (do good, feel good!)

Scroll down to find out how the WW programme has helped our members with their mental health, then keep scrolling to get stuck into our mental health hub.

Mental health and weight loss


Before you can transform your body, you need to transform your mind.  

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, it’s not just about what you lose – what you gain in happiness and confidence is just as important. If you have a positive frame of mind, you're already halfway to losing weight. 

With WW, you'll learn new skills and techniques to help shift your mindset. Scroll down to get started.