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From live workouts to virtual tours around the world, we've got loads of exciting things going on in our members-only community Connect to help keep you busy, connected and feeling positive. Check out the timetable below to find out what's happening when!

Social distancing got you down?

From virtual catch-ups to at-home workouts, we've had to temporarily adjust our lifestyles. But physical distancing doesn't have to mean social distancing, or missing out on all the fun! 

Stay connected, right at home

Check out the 'Events' groups in Connect, where you'll find live workouts & meditations in Healthy Body Healthy Mind, and live cookalongs & virtual city tours in Experience at Home. See you there!

Exciting, right?

Your timetable of fun!

We've got activities running across three Connect groups: WW Healthy Body Healthy Mind, Experiences At Home and WW Virtual Academy.



Healthy Body Healthy Mind: Perfect if you need a little extra support keeping your activity on track. Clock up some FitPoints® with fab live workouts like dance fitness classes, yoga sessions and interval training.

Experiences at home: Consider this your one-stop shop for live experiences in the comfort of your own living room! From cookalongs to pub quizzes and virtual city tours, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

WW Virtual Academy: These live sessions are designed to support you on your wellness journey, whether you're a new member or looking for new tips and tricks. Sessions include things like 'Getting started' and 'WW app basics'.

Ready to get going? Put some of these awesome activities in your diary:


Connect Group
Healthy Body Healthy Mind
9.30am Guided Meditation L1  

8am Walk with WW L1
5pm Dance L1
6pm dance L2
6.30pm HIIT and Box L2
6pm Dance Fitness L3

12pm Pilates L1
1pm Pilates L2
9pm Guided Meditation L1 
12.30pm Yoga L1 
9.30am Dance L1
10.30am Dance L2
Experiences at Home
11am Cooking at Home cookalong OR a virtual city tour with a guide from Travel Curious (these will occur on alternating weeks)
8.30pm Pub Quiz
Virtual Academy
10.30am App Basics
11.30am Refresh & Refocus
12.30pm Refresh & Refocus
6pm App Basics
12.30pm Recipe Extra
6pm Refresh & Refocus
7pm Getting Started on Purple
6pm Getting Started on Green
7pm Getting Started on Blue
7pm Refresh & Refocus
12.30pm App Basics

9.30am App Basics
10.30am Recipe Extra



More details...

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Level 1 (L1): easy, slow routine using a chair 

Level 2 (L2): moderate routine, with option to make harder

Level 3 (L3): advanced routine at a fast pace


Healthy Body Healthy Mind: yoga
Join an introductory yoga session for all abilities with a trained instructor, who will slowly guide you through a simple routine for 30 minutes. We'd recommend using a yoga mat and wearing comfortable clothes you can easily move around in.
Healthy Body Healthy Mind: guided meditation


Our 15-minute guided meditation sessions are perfect for beginners. Remember to watch the meditation instruction video before taking part (this will be posted in the Healthy Body Healthy Mind group). Then, find a quiet and comfortable space for the session, relax and enjoy!

See you there!

How to join a Connect group

Not quite sure how to join a Connect group? Watch the video below for a quick tutorial.


What else can I do in Connect?


Connect is a gateway to our incredible WW community, where you can find support, inspiration and motivation from thousands of members as you work towards your personal healthy living goals. 

Here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • Join groups based on your interests, journey or hobbies (like running, 50+ lb club and pet owners)
  • Post photos or videos of your journey, recipes you love and things that inspire you
  • Cheer on other members by liking and commenting on their posts
  • Participate in motivational challenges like the #bluedotchallenge

WW supports your wellbeing every day.