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Kickstart Live Bundle Offer
Join today and receive access to live kickstart sessions, 15 activity classes and 15 coaching sessions each week plus walking workshops, cook alongs and on demand videos to support every pillar of our award winning programme
From sleep to stress management and from mental health to mindfulness, let WW help you towards your health and wellbeing goals.

Available with all WW offers!

Kickstart Live Bundle Offer

✓ 3 x kickstart guides

✓ 15 x meal plans

✓ 4 Live kickstart sessions with an experienced coach available each week

✓ 2 Live Walking Workshops each week

✓ 15 x Live workout sessions a week run by experienced trainers, suitable for every level of fitness

✓ 2 x Live cookalong sessions a month run by passionate coaches

✓ 15 x Live skills sessions a week in the app academy, to support you at every stage of your journey, from app basics through to successful meal planning

New WW Live virtual experiences available in your WW app.

Experiences At Home

Enjoy fun, live experiences like Coach-led cookalongs right at home.

Kickstart Live & WW App Academy

Live sessions with our top coaches to support you every step of the way from bespoke onboarding sessions, to app academy sessions that help you get the most from our digital tools and master meal planning.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Feel energised and have fun while working out from the comfort of your own home!

Whether it be cooking, workouts, or getting to know the WW app, there's a virtual event for everyone to join!

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

From dance to Pilates and walking to meditation, our live virtual sessions encourage you to move your body and refresh your mindset, all in the comfort of your own home!

Experiences At Home

Calling all weekend warriors! Join us for fun, live events with the WW community that you can enjoy from the comfort of home.

WW App Academy

The award-winning 4.8* rated WW app is designed to help you reach your food, activity, mindset, sleep, and hydration goals - not to mention connect you to an inspirational community and 2000+ delicious recipes.

Kickstart Live

Find out everything you need to know to get started with the myWW™ programme and the WW app!

Live experiences are just one perk of being a WW member!

You also have 2000+ recipes at your fingertips, a barcode scanner, easy-to-use trackers for food, sleep, activity & water, mini meditations, on-demand workouts and so much more.

Choose how you follow the programme


WW app and inspirational social community to help you achieve your weight loss goals

Workshops + Digital

All the benefits of Digital, along with face-to-face weight loss support at a Workshop from an expert WW Coach.