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Kickstart Your Success

Your WW membership includes Kickstart - a free, virtual interactive group session with a WW Coach, designed for all members who are new (or need a refresh) on the WW programme.


Ask questions, learn tips for success, and get an action plan at this WW Coach-led orientation.

Points® - Basics

Everything you need to know to get started with the WW programme and the WW app. You’ll get to know the key components of the programme and how to get started with your food plan. Set your goals and be guided in how to achieve them for a successful start.

● Get tips to help you succeed. These Coaches know what works!

● Find the best Virtual Workshop for you. Choose by location, Coach, or the most convenient time.

● Get an action plan. Because everything is easier when you have a plan.

We run live Points - Basics sessions throughout the week

These are live sessions, so please click this link 5 minutes prior to the start time. Sessions will last for approx. 30 mins plus time to ask any questions.

How to join a Kickstart session

1. Pick a time that suits you to attend your FREE Kickstart session. 
2. Follow these directions to join your session:

Need more detailed Zoom instructions? Click here.

Enjoyed your Kickstart session?

Now browse our team of Virtual Coaches to find the right one for you!

Frequently asked questions

A WW Coach will help you:

  • Get the 101 on all things PersonalPoints™.
  • Discover the best tools for success.
  • Have your Qs answered in real time by a WW Coach.

About 30 minutes, plus time for Q&A

All WW members!

Nope, it’s free! It’s one of the many great perks of being a WW member.

You don’t have to. Virtual “drop-ins” are more than welcome.

1. Select the start time (scroll down for the full list).

2. To join your session: Tap this link