Success Stories

Katie’s having fun

Eating out always remained on the menu for this social being.

Katie, Workshop + Digital, Lost 11lb*

*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 pounds/week. Katie lost weight on a prior programme and is continuing on WW Freestyle™. 


In Katie’s words:
After college, I tried to get healthier on my own, but the habits didn’t seem to stick. What finally did it for me? I had to buy a suit for an important investor conference. I remember how at the shop I had trouble fitting into a size 14—and that was the biggest size it came in. The next day, I noticed a WW Studio across the street from my office, and I joined later that week.

Finding her tribe

Getting on board
When I joined WW, I had to tell my boyfriend that I wanted to adjust my lifestyle. I knew he had had experiences trying to lose weight when he avoided social functions because he thought it would be too hard to stick to his goals. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react to the news that I was trying WW. But when I explained SmartPoints to him, he said, “So it’s like a video game?” It took the pressure off of my new lifestyle, and he supported me all through my journey.

Non-stop support
Connect is like a WW Workshop in your pocket. It’s always available, so if you need help, you can post or just scroll through for motivation. The Workshops are really helpful to make one-on-one personal connections, too. We cry together, we laugh together. It’s really an all-encompassing support group. I’ve also learned to experiment more with cooking, trying new recipes from other members, like using spaghetti squash or courgette noodles instead of pasta.

How Katie’s success with WW has improved her life

Eating out made easy
What I love about WW is that I can go to any social function I want. I can eat out at restaurants; my boyfriend and I don’t have to think hard about going out for sushi. I have so much freedom that most people don't even know I'm a WW member. I usually look up the menu before going out to eat, so I know what I’m going to order and how it will work into my day. I blend in, and I love that about the programme!

Mind/body connection
Getting healthier and incorporating fitness into my life has made me feel so much more in tune with my body. You only have one—so you might as well take care of it. I used to be in a body that didn’t feel like it was really mine, but now I’m stronger, physically and emotionally. I’m able to complete half-marathons, and I feel confident going out and meeting new people.