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A surprising wake-up call encouraged policewoman Clare, 28, to shape up and get healthy





Fit for the force

I knew I wasn’t eating the right foods. Takeaways counted for almost every dinner, and portion control? Well, I didn’t really worry about that if I was being honest. But my real wake-up call came at work. As a police officer, being fit is important – and when the fitness test was reintroduced and I failed to pass, I was given three months to shape up. That was all the motivation I needed to finally take control of my weight.

Facing fitness head on

I started by joining a gym, but I knew I’d need more support, so I looked up my local Weight Watchers meeting the same day. Walking into that room for the first time was terrifying, but everyone was so welcoming and friendly that I didn’t feel worried at all. That was brilliant because even if I’d had a tough week, I had a great community to get me through it. I never missed a week and managed to never have a gain on the scales.

Veggie inspiration

I’m a vegetarian, and I think a lot of people assume that veggies eat a really healthy diet. Wrong! When I started on the SmartPoints® plan, I quickly realised I was choosing the wrong types of food. I’d fill up on stodgy takeaways or munch mindlessly on junk rather than making smart choices. Weight Watchers helped me learn to pack out my meals with lean proteins instead, which help keep my energy up. And I got loads of recipe inspiration on the Weight Watchers website, so I was able to cook delicious meals from scratch, like fajitas and veggie roasts. I also loved to build my recipe collection with ideas from the magazine and Your Week. If they were meat-based, I just adapted them using Recipe Builder – the tools made following the plan so much simpler.

Staying focused

Don’t get me wrong, the journey wasn’t always easy. I knew I had a long way to go, and still do – but with the encouragement of my Leader, I learned that even if I have a blip, it isn’t the end of the world. Instead, I look at the bigger picture and keep my goal in mind – it keeps me going even when the journey gets tough. By staying focused, I know I can reach my goal weight. And the best news? I managed to pass my fitness test – with flying colours.

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